Mar 16, 2015

Maryland Wedding: Mr. & Mrs. Andrews

Grey clouds, muddy puddles, and a dimly lit sky could not keep this weekend's wedding from sparkling!

With a new computer at my fingertips, I speedily bring you my 1st wedding of the year. 

The new Mr. & Mrs. Andrews celebrated their big day with the most cozy & intimate Southern Maryland wedding. With a tender serenade from the groom during their ceremony. To a sprightly father-daughter dance at the reception. This goofy, laid-back, adventurous, studious, and playful couple brought all the personality and charm you could think of. What I loved most was the the tightly knit community of friends and family that surrounded them. It was not difficult to pick up on how much Jen & Ryan are loved and cherished. But also, how well both Jen & Ryan love the community surrounding them. 

I'm rather fortunate to work with some of the sweetest, most trusting brides ...  
But Jen was the bee's knees and set the bar quite high in my eyes!
The entire day from start to finish I felt like I just fell into place, a seamless puzzle piece amongst her vendors, family & friends. Working along side their skilled planner Kimberly, and my favorite of Dj's, DJ Jon (who did our wedding). The whole of their big day did not feel like an ounce of work for me. Jen thoughtfully cared for me & gluten allergy {as she is gluten free as well}. And also willingly trusted my ideas as they came. (Not to mention the generous amount of photograph time they blocked off from me).

I can't complain when I am treated like & feel like a guest/friend as I work. It makes my job that much more enjoyable but also allows me the freedom to celebrate behind the lens, bringing out the best in my work.

Lastly, Jen & Ryan experiencing your apparent love for people and for the Lord, even just for a day, has sharpened me. Your vows were humbling to witness and brought so much encouragement back into my own marriage. The way you addressed each other as "friend" during those vows took my breath away. I pray God continues to bless the sweet friendship & new marriage you two share. So grateful you both trusted me with your special day!
Happy Monday-ing friends!

Jan 26, 2015

Family Portraits: Bourdeau

Not very often do I get to do family photos where the kids are half grown. 

Most of my family portrait sessions are with very young children, toddlers and babies. And I know the sentiment that babies won't stay babies for too long, so pictures are a must at that young age. But what I've come to know is that in all stages of life, the seasons change ever so quickly and pick up speed with age. Each season deserves just as much love. Even the season where the kids are still kids but will become teenager at any given moment, that season is fleeting and irreversible. 

I'm so grateful to have captured this season with for the beautiful Bourdeau family.

Jan 21, 2015

U Street, DC Engagement Photos: Angelica & Anson

On a chilly fall morning I got together with these two lovebirds for a DC engagement shoot that warmed me right up, despite the freezing temperature. Angelica and Anson have such a comfortable, well-worn-in kind of love. They are real and simple, kind and easy going. Being in their company warms the soul. I'm elated to be shooting their rustic wedding in the late summer. Yay for city romance & yay for rustic weddings!!!