Sep 29, 2009

Kiddies: Henny & Lulu

Not going to lie, I was childishly giddy and super excited for this shoot. My mom's told me nothing but the most adorable stories of these two little kiddies and I could not wait to hang with them and see all their cuteness for myself. When I finally arrived they were playfully hiding underneath a table in the living room waiting for me ... I knew it was gonna be a great day.
After a little playful banter underneath the living room table, a quick wardrobe change, a tour of Henny and Lulu's bedrooms, and the cutest trip down the stairs with Lulu singing something like "Oh baby, oh baby" from behind her sippy cup ... we made our way outside, where biking was our first order of business.
Before I go on, let me properly introduce these cuties.
The handsome stud on the left, Lobster Child #1 is Henry, or "Henny" as Lulu likes to call him.
And Lobster Child #2, the one who looks like The Gerber Baby is Lulu, or Olivia.
Henny is such a sweetheart and loves talking up a storm about cars, dinosaurs, or bald eagles.

He loves loves loves the outdoors, and he's become best friends with the worms in his backyard.

Lulu, what can I say, she is "sugar and spice and everything nice", plus absolutely adorable to boot.
Her eyes are so gorgeous they piece the heart.

And she too loves the outdoors. Just don't tell daddy we build an eagle's nest of his front yard.

These kids hammed it up for me, and I looooved it!
One of my favorite moments of the day was when Lulu ran around the front yard singing her own made up song "Lu lie lu. La la la lu. Lu lu la..." without a care in the world.

We also got our hands dirty with some magical fairy dust on the back porch.

Lulu got her hands messy with something else.
Call me crazy, but I think it's so adorable when I see little kids wipe their faces. It's soo unscripted, so real, and such a cute moment. They are only little for so long, and wiping your face isn't so cute when you get older. These moments much be captured, and cherished.

I'm also a fan of picnics. Even if not food is involved, though I love food very much. These kids didn't seem to care.

Lu-lie-lu you're just the cutest!!

And Henny, you make me melt completely.

We ended our shoot with a few drinks around the kitchen, telling mom about our adventures around the yard and Lulu passionately teling us "I want to go to Mexico!" These two were such hams, and were simply delightful to shoot, and hang out with.


***On another note, to everyone still reading please continue to keep The Philippines in your prays, Thank you from the bottom of my heart***


  1. OMW....they ARE adorable :)

    Looks like you had alot of fun with them, and you captured their personalities so well!

  2. absolutely adorable! I loooved the detail shots...not everyone thinks to get the little shots like the fairy dust on hands and building an eagle's nest (haha!). Awesome! :) I'm positive that family will looooove these!!

  3. so beautiful! you totally caught them in their element :)

    by the way, since you made it known you like a fine frenzy..check out her new song 'elements'. you would like it for sure!

  4. #6 is one of my faves...her eyes are amazing :)

    Lovely work, Ica!

  5. loves these.

    everytime i see see your stuff i come very close to envying how good you are at branding.'ve arrived! you're in your element! bravo ica bravo.