Oct 12, 2009

My sister is ENGAGED!!!

I've been out of town all weekend long on and have been wanting to scream it out at the top of my lungs ...
I'm tearing up again as I blog this, and it's been a cry fest ever since my big sister, Joan and her boyfriend Terrence got engaged on Friday, October 09, 2009.

I'm going to hold back on sharing the details of their amazing story till I am able to compose myself and also properly shoot their engagement pictures, but here's how it kind of went down.

Friday morning my bags were packed yet again and I was headed out of town for the third weekend in a row. I was with my boyfriend, his sister and her boyfriend headed off to Fall Retreat with Maryland's Cru {which was awesome and deserves a blog post of it's own}. Through out the morning me and my sister kept calling and texting each other, as we do most days. She was on a super romantic lunch date with her boyfriend, now fiance, and she was texting me pictures of how beautiful the day was.

I've known for quite some time that Terrence was going to ask my sister soon, I cried the day he bought the ring, what I didn't know was that it was Friday was the day. Nor did he know I was heading out of town so it was a pretty big surprise for everyone. But I called it, when my sister kept texting me pictures on their date I told my boyfriend "I bet you he's going to ask her today," and sure enough I was right, though I cried as though I didn't see it coming at all. I cried and cried ... and as I cried my sister put me on speaker phone and the three of us cried together, and my dearest boyfriend grabbed my camera out of my hands and snapped away.
I didn't stop crying for awhile, especially after I got off the phone with them
and got a text message moments later with this picture and message:
4 u sis.

All weekend long I enjoyed myself completely and was sooo blessed at Fall Retreat, but all weekend long
I also wanted to see them both and hug them and tell them how much I love them and how happy I am for them.

Sunday night I was finally home, and I was absolutely excited to see my sister and her fiance.
I saw Terrence first and boy was it another cry fest.

My boyfriend was sneaky but amazing, and managed to get my camera right out of my bag on my arm and capture these moments for me, because in these moments my camera is the last thing I think about.
When I finally got to hug my sister and see the ring on her for the first time I was done for.
I just about cried the entire contents of the Potomac River in utter joy.
I love you Ate {sister} and Terrence with my whole heart, but still God loves you both even more and I'm so happy for you both. I'm here for you two 100% of the way, I'll be praying you both through everything that comes your way, and I'm soooooo ready to help you plan the most amazing wedding ever!!! Now lets see more of the ring .. hehe


WAHOOO!!! My sister and Terrence are engaged!!!!!

Before I forget, here are two teasers ... because I have been working. Hard.
A few weekends ago I shot one sweet outdoor wedding, and brought along one awesome assistant.
And just last week, I got to shoot California's most amazing 18 year old's 60's themed birthday party!!

And lets not forget my oh so many amazing California adventures with my lovely friends Reinna, Christian and Rj. There is sooooo much to blog and share, so stay tuned ... and Happy Monday to you!!!


  1. yay!! that means many exciting pictures coming up! :) :) ps, you're next;)