Mar 4, 2010

Personal: 23

I think I've celebrated just about everyday this week ... and I love it.
It all started on Sunday night with the boyfriend. Who gave me 7 more polaroid cameras to add to my awesome collection. I now have 10 all together, and 9 are from him. :)
We went on an awesome date, watched the sun set before dark. I cooked him dinner, and he feed me with sweeeeeets {Cheesecake Factory cheesecake is tooooo yummy for words.}.

And we officially celebrated 3 awesome years of wonderful dates, memories, and blessings galor!
Then at the stoke of midnight on Wednesday ... my mom and big sister dressed up my bed with candles and festive decor and greeted me happy birthday with lot and lots of love.
My sweet sister wrote one of the greatest poems ever on a little card for me to keep where ever I go.
 I love her so mucho.

And I'm quite possibly never taking down my decorations just because they are that cute.
 My sister and her fiance gave me the dress I was eyeing from Urban Outfitters
 {though they didn't know I was eyeing it}.
And my wonderful mom gave me a very very lovely...
Vera Wang Necklace.

And in the morning she made me some cinnamon rolls and coffee.

And gave me tulips and balloons. She's seriously the best.
 I turned 23 and I was gonna celebrate all day long!

*** just a really dressed up shirley temple folks! hehe ***

At night me, my family, my boyfriend, and a bunch of my close friends
 went out to Dave & Busters for dinner and games! 
It was a crrrrazy fun night. And everyone who came had a great night!

Even my adorable godson had a blast!
And i guess the boyfriend did too! Hahah
 And me and my dear friend Mike some how matched that night.Hahahahah. 
 I love my best firends!
And I love my highschool girlfriends!!!
Amongst all my dearest friends ... my mama came too. I love her, and she really is one of my best friends.
Thanks you guys sooooo much for making my birthday so much fun. I love you all soo dearly!!! And to my loves who didn't make it ... no biggie ok, you guys mean just as much to me, and we just have to find another day to celebrate k!!! HUGSSS!!!!
Here are some of the last few birthday polaroids that happen to come with one of my many polaroids!!!

Twenty Three has been wonderful so far.
I can't wait for the adventures this year brings.

**To everyone else who's supported me, encouraged me or prayed for me this far in life. Thank you. You all are the best a girl could ask for and I wouldn't be able to be doing any of this with out you all. May God continue to bless all of you in all that you pursue and grant you all the desires of your hearts! I love you guys!***

Happy Weekend to you!
-From the new 23 year old

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  1. happy birthday. :) i love all your polaroids! i saw two at the thrift today & thought of you. is there a reason why you have so many or do you just like to collect them?

    i just might have to treat myself to two new cameras. hehehe. :)