Jun 30, 2010

Personal: Freedom Tour DC

It's been a long couple of days of traveling, working, and fun ... so I took the day off yesterday to catch up on some well needed boyfriend & family time. Now I'm back to work. Like serious work.
Two days ago was Show It's DC stop on their Freedom Tour ... and my oh my was it amazing! Me and my darling friend Kristin got together and headed into town for one awesome night. {*Despite the chaos of getting to and from the event ... but that's a whole nother story entirely.}
Thanks to David Jay & his amazing team at Show It for putting together such a sweet event for us. There's no industry like the photography industry and to be able to be part of it is such a blessing. It was also a joy to be in the company of amazing photographers and creative minds, you could feel the creativity moving in the air kind of like the smell of cotton candy at a state fair. Yup, that good.
Let me not forget about our amazing speaker The Boudoir Divas & Promise Tangeman.
There's ladies are so inspiring and I left with a note pad filled with memos on how to be awesome like them, and how to continue to grow my business from the inside out.
Whether you shoot Cannon like Kristin,
Or Nikon like yours truly, there's always so much to learn and so much to improve on .. it's great to be reminded of these things, while in great company.
Did I mention the music that night was amazing??? Yup music at a photography event, yet another reason why I love this industry. A few weeks back I gasped when I open an email about our Show It event ... when they told us Molly Jenson was on board the tour also. I found her music about 2 years ago and I've been waiting for her to tour on the East Coast ... and I my surprise got lucky.

All together it was an amazing night and I am more that happy I went. I got to meet some more amazing photographers in my own hometown {something I should have done sooner}, see friend's I hadn't seen in awhile, and hear from some of the industry's best. What more can a gal ask for? More pictures maybe? Ok I got you!
Jessica Shae, myself, & Kristin
{I only realized after leaving that I didn't get a picture with my other favorite Kristen, Kristen Leigh. And just and to send some love her way ... because i like her, alot!}

Twas a Happy Monday indeed!

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  1. :) I wish the tour made a stop near me. (Or that I was still on the east coast ;D) Glad you had tons of fun!