Jul 24, 2010

Engaged: Joan + Terrence

Ok. ok. ok.
My apologies for not posting these up any sooner, but you can't rush a good thing. And my sister and her fiance .. well, they've got a good thing going on. They're getting married in less than two months and are soon to be Mr. & Mrs Limos {lee-moes}. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Ok, enough screaming.

For now, they're still just Joan and Terrence. 
Or to me "Ate" {meaning older sister} and my almost brother-in-law, or 'Bro' for short.
And I love them. And love each other, like really really love each other.
But I don't have to tell you that now do I, he did 'put on a ring on it' .. bwahaha.
Meet my older sister: Joan .... and Mr. Sheriff Deputy/my bro-in-law: Terrence

Because life should be an adventure, we took inspiration from the movie UP and had ourselves a blast.
Let me tell you, it was not easy keeping this ring a secret for more than 6 months.
Sister, you're face is the cutest thing I ever saw. Show him those Diongzon lips!!! Bwahah.
Fact: Their 'Happiest Place' is right next to each other.

My sister and Terrence have been through so much to get to this point. Terrence is now an Army veteran and was away for 3/4 of the year on base hours away, he did a 15 month tour in Iraq which is one of the hardest things I've ever seen my sister go through ... but thankful Terrence came home safe and unharmed. And for the last 3 years all my sister's ever wanted was to be able to celebrate one birthday or one holiday with him, and now every birthday and every holiday they will be together ... forever! {Cheesy and soooo good} I am utterly blessed and grateful to finally see them together, in love, happy and content.
Though 'I carry your heart with me' sister, I know it's in good hands with Terrence. I love you, but I know Terrence could possibly love you even more. And I'm ok with that.
"I'm happy that you're happy that we're all happy for your happiness"
I've been practicing my maid of honor speech ... You like it?
We can't be stopped. So a few weeks after our UP inspired shoot ... we had to go to the carnival, and my ohhh my was it LOVE!
Bro-ham you're a stud!
Before there was ever a camera in my hands, there was my sister and her camera .. her Nikon FM10.

This was the camera that we both learned everything on. In highschool my big sister took two years of black and white film photography, then passed the torch down to me. Once she graduated and I started exploring all different types of art classes ... then she let me borrow her trusty FM10 and I too feel head over heels for photography. Mr. Saylor is the one to thank!!!

Though I can hardly wait for their wedding, I really can't wait for them to be married. God has already been moving mountains and has been blessing them so richly I know that this is only the beginning for great things to come. And I'm so excited I get to see all my sister's dreams come true, when all our lives she's put my dreams before hers.

Dearest Sister, You are going to be one amazing bride, one amazing wife and when time comes ... you're going to be one crrazy amazing *HOT mom. I know you will be. You love like no one else I know, and Terrence is one lucky man to have you as his wife. Though I don't say it enough you make me soo proud and thank you for being one awesome sister. You've never let me take the easy route in anything, and you've always made sure that I do what is best, and what is right, even if that means it's not going to be easy. And as much as I fight it ... it's what has made me who I am. So thank you, I love you Ate .... and if I keep going I might get sappy .. and we don't want that .. not yet at least, right? So for now 'I carry your heart with me' ... even if you're going to be living with a boy in about a month. Haha
Now to YOU Terrence ... I love you ... and I apologize in advance for all the times me and Tim will break into your apartment and wake you up from you nap with a big old tackle and a wet willy. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahah ... I looove you so much and you know that. Thank you for loving my sister the way you do and for taking care of her, you're AWESOME SAUCE! So how does Terrence Diongzon sound??? Bwahahahah I'm kidding. Love you bro!
Sigh ... I hate to end this post, but it must be done. I love these two with all my heart and I can't believe their wedding is right around the corner! No, I won't be shooting her wedding because I have my MOH duties {maid of honor} .. but my good friend the ammmazing and talented Christian Cruz will be.


  1. Beautiful! The light is just stunning in the field pics. Love the UP reference, great job!

  2. LOVE those carnival ones! so dreamy!!

  3. Ica -- I love, love, LOVE this session! Your post was so touching, and Joan looks SOOO gorgeous and happy! I really loved your "UP" inspired theme!! Keep up the amazing work! :)

    - Leslie L.

  4. These are just fabulous, Ica! You are so talented and did such a great job capturing not only two beautiful people, but the love that they so obviously share. :)

  5. this session just oozes happiness (in all the best ways). i'm smitten:)


  7. these were the most beautiful engagement/wedding pictures I have ever seen! You can really feel the fun and love they have for each other!