Jul 16, 2010

Personal: "Our Happy Place"

Happiness; noun
1 obsolete : good fortune
2 a : a state of well-being and contentment : joy b : a pleasurable or satisfying experience
3 Shopping with my family at our favorite antique shop.
This is "Our Happy Place".
Tucked away in a little corner a few minutes out of town, is a place like no other.
A place that makes me squeal with excitement like a kid at the carnival on a warm summer night.
A place surrounded by vintage beauties, where inspiration runs wild ...
but not free. Here ... even inspiration has a price tag.
Call us three old souls, but there's just nothing like shopping for vintage and for anitques.
Oh hubba hubba ... even the walls were a sight to beheld.
I think I know what sister's apartment is going to look like. Heheh.
We don't call it our happy place for nothing.
Every nook and cranny is filled with timeless lovelies.
Pretty amazing place huh? I kindda like it, kindda. Haha.
Before heading straight home we asked mother if we could stop by the local farmer's market
down the street from the shop ... and of course, how could she say no?
I could smell 'YUM' from a mile away.
Oh Honey, how I love me some vintage adventures.


  1. I adore antiques and anything vintage so this place looks so amazing! lovely shots! :D

  2. Where is this place?? :) soo cute!

  3. So awesome! I love vintage/antique books. I've been collecting classic ones since I started at the library. You must take me here some time. Miss you!

  4. i love that you love vintage. i <3 it too:)

  5. oh myy this makes me miss you guys so much much!!!!! :[ i love you sister!!

  6. thanks guys .. it's amazing little whole in the wall type place out past leesburg VA ...

    and rj!!!!!! I MISSSS YOU MORE! and i love you. can't wait to see you next month!!!

  7. ohmygosh!! we're vintage-shopping long-lost soulmates!!! :) totally blogged this place a couple months ago!! :D :D