Aug 17, 2010

Personal: No Words, ok maybe a few.

I honestly have no words to describe this past week.
And yes, yes I came here to CA to do work ... But I had to have my share of fun while I was at it.
In Christian's words "working hard, or hardly working" ... doesn't matter ... it's been a great week.

OH and how bout this video from my phone @ the OC fair. Too good.
I love my brides {thanks again Christian for being an awesome partner in crime!} this is only the beginning.
Ohh the stories to tell. I love this girl with every once of my being!
You can't have Santa MonICA without Ica. Hehe.
sigh .... heaven in a bowl.

And you GOTTA remember THIS CHICA! Oh Rj I love you too much!

And this time around I got to attend her mama's "wedding sized" birthday party.
This is the lovely Lolita!

Oh how I loved my time with Mrs. Baking Queen, Ate Sharyl.
Dancing on the pier at Santa Monica pier was the perfect way to end this slendid trip.
Ok, let me not forget how I started my trip .. meteor shower with the Creinna { Christian + Reinna } ... thanks for letting me still this pic Christian!

Joy, might be the best word, if 1 word were enough ... to sum up this trip.

I love me some California love, now I just CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU ALL COME TO THE EAST COAST FOR MY SISTER'S WEDDING! 2 weeks baby!!!!

{... goes off cringing at the thought of packing up my stuff}
Happy Monday night CA, see you tomorrow VA.

***I'm all caught up with work ... but I'll be back in blogging in the near future... really. :)***


  1. OH MAN! LOVE these. WHAT IS THAT BOWL OF DELICIOUSNESS? Please let me know! Oh my.

    That photo of you guys + the stars is AMAZING. How long was the exposure?? :O:O