Aug 26, 2010

Wedding: Donny & Jennifer {Plains, Georgia}

Sweet Georgia Peaches!!! I love the south.

Late last night me, my sister, and her fiance watched The Last Song here at home. Besides a good cry, this movie made me miss Georgia alot. And if you've read the book or have seen the movie {no I won't spoil it for you} you know that a beautiful old church in Georgie plays a big part in the movie. It reminded me alot of my Georgia wedding earlier this summer.
Oh Georgia how I love you.
I also simple adore my brides.
Can you guess which one's my bride? Nope not the cutie in the hot seat, but the beauty in yellow who'd rather do her bridesmaid's hair first on her wedding day.
Jennifer is kind of bride who'd rather use her everyday purse on her wedding day....
... who can get ready in a flash. Literally.
Jennifer was one of the easiest going brides I have ever seen. She had not a care in the world but to marry the man she loved, the rest ... well the rest didn't seem to matter.
A beautiful bride both inside and out.

And before the ceremony she got to see the man she loved.
"Hi honey. Wow, you look nice." - Donny
Donny, Mr. Groom is just as easy going as his bride making their first look not about the gown, nor about the tux, but about being in the company of the one you love. The conversation between them  was soo easy making me forget that they were all dressed up, making me also feel like they forgot that they were all dressed up. Reminding me that love, doesn't need to be dressed up or fancy, but that love, true love ... just is.
Geez Donny and Jennifer, I still get goosebumps thinking about how you two look at each other with such love. Thank you for letting me be apart of that for just one day, you really did spoil me rotten, and for that I am so grateful.

If you've ever been to the south two things are always certain. 
Humidity and hospitality.

And as hot as the day was no one was short of love, patience, kindness and graciousness. I had only met Donny and Jennifer's families the evening before but I was treated more like a friend then a photographer. When they say southern hospitality, they mean it.
Ok, so Jennifer made her way down the aisle and then I look to see Donny's reaction then,
BAM!! I see this. This is really how he looked at his bride as she walked down to meet him. 
I just about died this was all tooo sweet.
I'm pretty sure the world stood still for a few minutes during first kiss as man and wife.

Before shooting their wedding, only having meet Donny and Jennifer twice before, I knew full well that with Donny around ... laughter is a must 24 hours a day.
I'm trying to think of more things to say, but really {like on their wedding day} Donny and Jennifer have left me completely speechless.
It was not only a blessing, but an honor to have been in their company on their wedding day. I definitely came to Georgia as their photographer ... but in Donny's words, I left as a friend. How many times does a groom start introducing his photographer as his "friend"? I'm not sure ... but I must say I have some of the sweetest brides and grooms a gal could ask for.
Donny and Jennifer, you two are amazing and I pray God blesses you two and your marriage as much as you've blessed the lives of those around you. I love you two and hope that we see each other again soon. I don't like keeping away from Georgia for too long.


  1. 1) this dress is super popular!

    2) you're so legit!

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    4) I love you!