Apr 11, 2011

Teaser: One-on-One Session {Round 2}

Score! Over the weekend I got to once again spend a beautiful morning sharing
 what I know and love about photography with two more willing hearts for my second round of 1{2} on 1 sessions
Meet my new friends Divya and Renee. Our time together was beyond belief amazing and I'm glad these best friends came together. Can I just say these two are gorgeous and also talented.
They got me in front of the camera to test out their new skills, 
and by golly they made me blush they are so good.
More is on it's way,  sooo excited to share!

Happy Mondaying!

1 comment:

  1. You sure know how to coach a girl in front and behind of the camera! I love that I don't look sleepy in the first picture. Thanks to you, I now know that if I look above the lens, I'll look more awake.
    I've been keeping my eye open for opportunities for well composed photos. Thanks for a wonderful Saturday :o) Renee