May 5, 2011

Wedding: Mat & Alice

Small and intimate. That's a hard task to achieve for a wedding. 
But this wedding was just that, relatively small and intimate and lovely.
Alice was truly a beautiful bride.
Alice and Mat's short and sweet ceremony ended in this big time, super passionate kiss. They was adorable.
Mat you were alot of fun to work with and I'll be praying for you and hope the military treats you well.
As for you blushing bride, Alice you were stunning. 
Your beauty was effortless and I can't say thank you enough for finding me and working with me.
Oh how I love your necklace.

Seriously Adorable.
Congrats to you both again and hope and pray nothing but the best for you both in love and in marriage.
Happy Angry Birds to you both! Hehe

*A special little thank you goes out to my boyfriend who stood by my side, handsome holding my bags and helping me prepare my slideshow, assisting me in any way possible, even making sure I ate while shooting the reception. You're the best dear!! Thank you

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  1. Gorrrgeous images, Ica!! LOVE the Angry Birds cake!! :)