Aug 2, 2011

Maternity: Leslie

First comes love, then comes marriage ... then comes a baby in a baby carriage.
 {Well after a 9 month baking period of couse ;)! hehe
 Meet Leslie, and her little one.
Just like every expecting mother, she was beaming with pride and love for her baby girl growing in her belly.
The sun came in a out of the trees sporadically that day but it was lovely all the same.
Seriously there's something in an expecting mother's smile that just oozes love. My older sister who is expecting is just the same, and it's something so beautiful and special, it's like you can see their love for their little one already growing.
And just because you're rocking a baby bump doesn't mean you have to give up on beauty. Leslie's just another example proving you can be just as fierce and lovely while expecting {and just wait for my sister, she's absolutely adorable preggos!}. If you ask me pregnant women are just about the most gorgeous women on earth because I know only God could use strong, and courageous women to bring children into this world, and still be so graceful with a baby growing in their belly.
 Leslie you've made pregnancy look so chic!
To all you summer mama's out there you are beautiful and wonderful and you stay cool from this summer heat ok!
 Leslie, thank you so much for giving me a call and having me capture this beautiful stage in your life. God has blessed you with the best job in the world, being a mother. I know you'll do a wonderful job as a mom and your family will be even more complete than it already is. Happy Baby Girl!!! And congrats!

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  1. Hey - that's me! LOL! Ica - thank you (again) so much for capturing this special time in my life; I really appreciate your kind words ! You are SO sweet and talented, and I had such an awesome time hanging out with you that day. Even though being in front of the camera is not quite my thing, you made the whole experience a lot easier! Can't wait to share these photos one day with my baby girl :-)!

    <3, Leslie