Aug 24, 2011

Personal: In her shoes

Hi friends, hope you are having a great week!
I haven't been around lately because I've been traveling every week since the beginning of August. I've been in and out of town and am currently writing this entry from the living room floor of this weekend's bride's home in Columbus, South Carolina. Try saying that 10 times fast. We're headed down to Savanna, Georgia late this evening with friends {my bride and her family}  and I can't wait because you know I have a sweet spot for Georgia. Any ways earlier this month I spoiled my feet with this pretty new pair of heels in hopes that they won't disown me by the end of this wedding season from abusing them. We both love shoes, so let's pray I stay in their good graces.
Besides shooting weddings, I did something super brave recently. I finally mustered up the courage to sing {and play the guitar} at open mic night at Bloom Bars this week. I'm not spectacular at either but I love doing both. If you know me ... you'd know that I get really nervous really fast but reguardless I always get through. I still get nervous at every wedding I shoot but I push through it each and every time. This all happened thanks to a few of my loves who push me to live a little and I'm glad I did. Now would I ever do it again? I don't know, I nearly peed my pants from nervousness ... so we'll see. Maybe someday.
Lastly, on another note I had to make a quick shout out to my lovely friends Eddie and Melinda, my client's from last summer who just celebrated their 1 year anniversary. I just got an email from Melinda who shared a blog post of hers with the song her friends wrote and sung on their wedding day during their first dance. It's a moment I will never forget as a photographer, because I was sobbing like a baby behind my camera during the whole song in awe of their love. Here is their beautiful song. Happy Anniversary you two.

Happy Wednesday!!

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