Sep 12, 2011

Teaser: In a New York Minute

Just as quickly as I get home from one trip, I'm on the next bus out of DC to NY. 
I praise God for this adventure filled, busy season. And I also praise God for beautiful friends who've made this season that much more special.
 I can't say I'm the first and only to shoot these two lovebirds during their engagement season, I have to give the credit to 
one of my dearest friends Christian Cruz for shooting their incredible engagement pictures in LA. 

 But this story has two sides; half took place in California, the other half in New York. 
I was honored to help my dear friends document their East Coast side of the story.
Which ever coast you land on Melody and Ian, I know the Lord's plan for you both are wonderful and great. I can hardly wait for your wedding!
I love you guys and man I can't wait to share more of your photos!!

Happy Monday Friends!

*Ps. I know I might be a day late. But we will never forget. {9.11}

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