Sep 8, 2011

Travel: Sweet Georgia Peaches

Late last month I took a trip down south with one of my favorite families to shoot a wedding and adventure around for a week.
We made a stop in Charlotte, NC; Columbia, SC; Kiawah Island, SC ... and finally our destination: 
Savannah, Georgia.
The first night on the road we stayed in Charlotte and had dinner with my dearest Hope and a group of her highschool friends. Meeting these guys was a long time coming.
A lot of love goes out to my darling friend Hope. I love her to a million pieces and 
wouldn't have done any of this without her.
I wish I saw more of you Kiawah Island, but we'll save that for another adventure. 
Finally Savannah. 
 I've had this on going love affair with Georgia since the very first wedding I shot. I've been there every summer since, hopefully booking a Georgia wedding every summer from here until forever. It's my little paradise away from home; old oaks, historic buildings, sun, shore, and romance. And though it might not be everyone's favorite place in the world, Georgia has a special place in my heart and each time I go back I fall more and more in love.

Who did I go with?
Well this beautiful family of course. I love them so much.
Most especially these sisters. 
Mariah, Jessica, Hope ... you three are simply the best and thanks for letting me be the 4th sister for a week.

I can't say much more about Georgia without just letting you take a look for yourselves. 
Of course I went down there to work, but I sure did play, and dance, and adventure.
I was told to drop my camera and dance while shooting the wedding ... and of course I did. {With my bride and groom dancing behind me on the dance floor! Love love love this job.}
The day after the wedding was vacation time to the max. 
Spent some time at the pool, and downtown on River Street shopping, enjoying as much of Savannah as possible.

If I could do college over again with endless money to spend ...
At the end of our Georgia adventures we went out for some Leopold's famous icecream.
All together Savannah was the perfect get-away. I can't wait to go back, and if you haven't been .. go.

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