Oct 1, 2011

Maternity: I'm going to be an Aunt any day now

My big sis and her husband are preggers, and baby boy is coming any day now.
We're all super excited, most expecially my sister.
If there's one thing we've all been certain about is that my sister was made to be a mom. She's been babysitting since she was 10 and is amazing with children at any age. And though she might not feel it right now, she is one little hot mama.
Both her and Terrence are so excited preparing for their first little baby boy. They are nesting like crazy, setting up Noah's room for when he gets here and waiting patiently for his when he gets here.

Little baby Noah is such a blessed little boy and he's not even here yet. 
I'm still soaking it in little by little that my sister & Terrence are having a whole person any day now. A little baby that'll become a bigger boy. One who'll probably play sports, or like trucks, or trains, or dinosaurs. A little boy who'll grow up to be a teenager, go to high school, who'll start liking girls {hopefully not too soon}, one day go to college .. or like his aunt, maybe not go to college and instead pursue his dream job ... only God knows his future. But what I know is that, that little boy is gonna be a whole person, who is going to be loved, blessed and cared for each and every single day.
Sister and Brother dearest, I'm soo excited for you both. God has blessed you both so much in your first year of being married, I know there are so many more blessings to come for your beautiful, growing little family. I know you both will be awesome parents and I love you three so much.


  1. So cute! What an exciting time for your family. Where is this cute location?

  2. im so excited for you guys =)