Dec 8, 2011

Engaged: Melody & Ian {New York, NY}

It takes but a $25-35, 4 hour bus ride from DC to NYC.
So when you give me a reason to visit, I'm generally not one to pass it up. 

Back in September I spent a few days in the city with family and friends, visiting, catching up and working. 
I went right to work after hoping off of the bus to do this super sweet engagement shoot for two of my dear friends. 
Besides traveling to New York every so often, I also frequent going to LA ... where I know these lovebirds from.
These are my friends Julian {or Ian} and Melody. 
Ian I've known since we were kids. We met the summer me and my sister stayed in LA for a month without my mom, I think I was only 11. And we've remained friends ever since. Miss Melody I've only know for the past few years, but I love her dearly and am thankful for such a wonderful sister in Christ.
Ian moved out to NYC to pursue his acting career just a little more than a year ago. 
 And though long distance relationships are hard, these two held it down and remained strong while being apart.
Melody is the stinkin cutest! I love this pretty lady.
If you know Melody and Ian you know how fun, laid back, and how silly they are.
Never a dull moment with these two, 
and if your cheeks aren't hurting from laughing and smiling with them .. somethings wrong.
After running around Soho for an hour, we squeezed in a short audition for Ian 
{I'd expect nothing less in the middle of a NYC photoshoot}.
Then we hopped on the subway and made our way to Brooklyn.
Brooklyn never disappoints.
Especially visiting D.U.M.B.O. for the first time.
It was incredible!!
Best view of the city I'd say.
Brooklyn gave me butterflies that day, so did capturing Ian and Melody.
I can't believe next month is their wedding already. 
I'll be back and forth between here and LA in the next 3 months for 3 seperate weddings.
I have 3 different jobs for each wedding, a photographer, then a guest, then a bridesmaid.
And for Ian and Melody's I'll actually get to be a guest and party down. WAHOO!!!  
Ian and Melody, I'm so blessed and overjoyed to have you both in my life. 
Your encouragement, your prayers, your kindness, your love and your friendship always emulate the love of Christ. I know that where ever God leads you CA or NY, He has the greatest plans for you both in life and in marriage. And hey like I already told you ... if it's NY I'm only a bus ride away. 
Love you both so much and I can't wait to see you two again.


  1. EVERY picture of this shootings tells such a pretty (love) story, they are soo cute, aww! and melody (what a pretty name) looks so lovely, i adore her smile! you've done a fantastic job, fabulous!

  2. you can't imagine how happy i'm because of your comment. thank you ica! :** you're such a talented girl, wish my pictures are going to be as bright as yours someday :D

  3. thank you mucho for capturing the other coast of our relationship! you da best! so talented and such a joy to work with and to have as a sister! we love you!

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  5. Hey Ica!

    Thanks again for coming up to shoot. We had such a good time, you're a joy to work with. I really enjoy your use of light and eye for background (the spots you noticed in passing ended up yielding some of my favorite shots). You captured moments between Melody and me that I know we'll enjoy for years to come. God bless your work here onward!