Dec 31, 2011

Personal: Merry Celebrating

I might be a little late, but hope you all had the Merriest Christmas with your nearest and dearest.
This Christmas may have been filled with many lovely presents, but as I think about this past year and the many presents I've been given in life, grace is the greatest gift I have ever received. God sent his only son Jesus, a baby in a manger to grow up sinless ... only to die on a cross to save me from my own sin. But the beauty is that His grace doesn't stop there. He shows His love and grace daily even when we continue to mess up. This year was consumed with a lot of growing up and a lot of grace so it's been the sweetest time of reflection during this holiday season.
That goes without saying Christmas was still filled with presents galor.
As well as cookie decorating at Christmas Parties.
And lots and lots of present making. 
Like these little handmade beauties I crafted for some of the special ladies in my life.
Each handmade baggie contained a version of this awesome little headband I wore to a graduation.
I've been wearing this headband everwhere and love it so much.
Thank you pinterest for this tutorial!!
My Christmas was filled with one pretty awesome surprise ... my mom got me an iPod Touch!
I'm afraid to tell you all that this is my first ever iPod ... in life.
 I know I'm pretty lame and way behind on technology but now I'm all caught up!
Funny thing is that me and my boyfriend's sister decided to get my boyfriend an iPod touch also.
Now we facetime and play words with friends all the time.
Another sweet part of this Christmas was celebrating with my little nephew, Noah.
Me and my family had a blast celebrating Noah's 1st Christmas, but we surely missed my brother-in-law as he worked Christmas Eve. 
Thankfully he got to celebrate opening presents with us early Christmas morning which was all too fun.
Ok, let me just be one of "those" aunts for a second and end with a photo of my favorite little baby.
He's getting so big and oh-so handsome. I love him.

Well merriest New Years Eve friends! 
Hope you all have a night filled with dancing, celebrating and time with those you love!

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time with your family.

    Happy new year! :)