Jan 27, 2012

Personal: California Diary

It's been 1 week and 1 day since I arrived here in Calfornia.

Usually this is about the time I'm packing my bags again and ready to fly home. But with a week and a half left my suitcase is sitting awry upstairs in my dear friend's bedroom. I'm sitting here in the kitchen typing away in sneakers and my running clothes after my morning run ... helping my "lil sis" craft for Reinna's wedding while listening to Mumford and Sons. Nope, I'm not going anywhere any time soon,  this truly is my second home.

Here's my California Diary according to instagram.

mr. and mrs. Leong.

baby bratchers
karen and joe from misha lulu and rubyellen.

{ate} sharyl.

I've done so much and have seen so many of my favorite faces.
My time here has been such a joy and blessing.
I know these next two weekends will be even more amazing!!

Just incase it seems like I don't miss home ... I really do miss home 
but praise God for facetime and telephones, long trips like these would be so much harder.

Happy Weekend Friends
-with love from Sunny California.

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