Feb 26, 2012

Personal: 5 days till 5 years

Five {very} true stories.
One day when we were on a spontaneous lunch date we walked into a busy shopping square and out of no where he gave me his hand, then he asked me to dance. There was no music playing and no one was dancing. Instead there were outdoor cafes lined with people enjoying their food and the beautiful weather, people were out walking their dogs, and there were lots of other folk going about their business in and around this little square. But we dance, he sang sweetly into my ear, and we danced.
After blogging my last post {Inspiration: Featherstone}, I checked my email and there waiting for me in my inbox was a message from him. He just sent me the mp3 of the song on my blog and a short little note saying "Thought you'd want it ... in case you didn't have it already."
There are days were I ask for his help, but there are also many days were he offers his help before I get a chance to ask at all. Take for example one wedding I shot last year. After asking if he could assist me, he arrived at my house the day of the wedding ready to go ... but bearing gifts. He gave me one beautiful little vintage {treasure} chest and inside it, one simple little card telling me how proud he is of me and how he knows I will do a great job.
There have been many times I have called him over the phone worried, stressed out, afraid, sad or angry ... and so many of those times he stops me in my tracks, asks if he could pray for me, then we pray.
He knows I love letters, so he writes me and he writes me things like this. "I love you Ica, and think about you often, but God loves you more and you are always always always on His mind. -Tim"
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 In five short days we will be celebrating five awesome years together.
So I thought I'd start the celebration early by sharing 5 true stories of him.

I love you Timothy.


  1. how sweet! what memories to treasure!!!!!! :D

  2. Wow, this is precious. Praise the Lord for y'all's Godly relationship!! May the Lord continue to bless y'all :) :)

  3. This seriously makes my heart melt. He is definitely tangible proof of God's grace! Always look to glorify Him in your upcoming MARRIAGE :)