Feb 14, 2012

Personal: A Creinna Wedding

This time last week my long trip to California had come to an end. 
It's been weird being home in 20 degree weather after weeks in 75 degree sunshine everyday.
But it's good to finally be back. I've missed home, even my own bedroom.

Also I'm glad to finally have a little time to blog about my best friends' wedding in California.
My dearest friends Reinna and Christian finally became husband and wife, and their wedding day was nothing short of beautiful.

Besides being a bridesmaid, I was asked to double up as a photographer to capture Reinna getting ready in the morning. I'm no Max Wanger, who actually shot their wedding {I pale in comparison} but I was soo honored that Christian would trust me in capturing those fleeting moments at the start of their wedding day. I hope I did your bride justice Christian, she was stunning! And since I know Creinna shoots full frame and Canon, I shot all the getting ready photos on Christian's Canon Mark II so only Chris could show you guys the real work. Some how I managed to snap a shot or two on my own camera for keeps.

I didn't take many pictures in the chaos of the wedding day, but thankful my fully trained,
 awesome sauce fiance rocked my manual D300s like a pro and caught some sweet moments.  
To my suprise I didn't sob like a baby like I had anticipated, but I smiled from ear to ear walking down that aisle knowing God had brought my friends together for His glory and His faithfulness brought them to where they are today. It's a true joy seeing God's favor being poured out over two of your dearest friends.
But before I get ahead of myself, the tears were definitely plenty once Reinna walked down that aisle with her father.
As evident as her beauty is on the outside, I can't tell you in enough words how beautiful she truly is on the inside and how much she's grown in these last few years. Being her roommate for the final month of her single life was the sweetest blessing in our friendship this far. With marriage just over the horizon for Tim and I, my weeks in California will be the last that Reinna and I will have shared as "single" ladies. It's a blessing to call Reinna friend in these ever changing seasons and I couldn't be happier seeing my dear friend marry the man she loves.

 The entire ceremony continued to be as emotional as Reinna's grand entrance was, 
Christian's heart felt tears sum it up.
I won't ever forget their ceremony. God's presence was felt from start to finish.

After their first kiss a suprise bridal party *DANCE ensued at the altar, getting the party started right! 
I'm sure good footage of it will surface on youtube sooner or later, when it does I'll share it as soon as I can.
Reinna and Christian's wedding also meant partying down with my family and friends who I haven't seen in a long time.
Like this little guy, my handsome nephew {who did awesome flying both to CA and back}
My sister and my other seestars.
Mother Dearest!
And my ever so handsome fiance.
We'd been apart of an entire month, I missed him so much.
Attending weddings with him gives me even more butterflies thinking about "our" day.
I got to party with some of these babes,
Got to hug it out with my brother from another mother.
And we all danced to the sweet melodies of Avasa and Matty Love at the start of the night.
Twas a blessing that Matt and Avasa are friends of my also very talented friend Hope,
if she hadn't introduced Reinna and Christian to their music Creinna's wedding reception dance floor would have been terribly empty during cocktail hour..
{Avasa and Matty thanks for sticking around after your set for a few more minutes, letting Tim and I use your wires. We never got aound to saying thank you!} 
Much of my stay in California revolved around wedding errands with these two chicas.
Baby sister RJ and little baby Ashley.
These two crafted, designed, and helped plan so much of the wedding ... they are insanely talented.
Not to mention they are both lovely to have conversations with, awesome to cuddle with,  and great to dance with. I love you girls!
After weeks of crafting, slideshow making, speech writing, song practicing, dance memorizing, and program designing I finally got to kick back, cool down with a soda and enjoy the wedding of my darling friends. I truly love weddings. 
Side note, all together I spent $20 on my entire outfit for the wedding acessories included. 
When does that ever happen as a bridesmaid? Lucky for us ladies, Reinna is a girl after my own heart and loves vintage and thrifting coz even her stunning wedding dress was vintage too. I can't wait to see Max's photos of her. As for the mess that is called my hair, the red ombre is not intentional but it's grown on me and I enjoy it.
My East Coast ladies. Though half of them now live in California.
The East Coast family with the new Cruz Family. 

Christian and Reinna, 
You're married! Praise God, Praise God, Praise God!
Thank you for making me such a big part of your wedding day. It was an honor to be standing there in your bridal party celebrating the love and friendship God has bless you both with, and the beautiful marriage God has planned before you guys. I enjoyed every ounce of helping you guys for your big day because you both deserve the very best. I almost wish it didn't have to end. Your friendship is one of the sweetest blessings and I will cherish it forever and I praise God that these past few seasons of life have brought us so much closer. Your love for our God sets such a beautiful example for the rest of us to follow, continue to hold steadfast to the word and pursue Christ daily and I know His blessing will surely follow.
Borrowing Christian's words "We love you guys with all our hearts".


  1. Ica, I absolutely love your blog and am totally a stalker when I get on! lol... Your photography is always so fabulous and you always look so happy and gorgeous! :) Thanks for sharing your joyful self with the blogging world. :)

  2. Great post! where is that? It is beautiful.

    1. It's in trabuco canyon in the OC ... southern california.