Mar 6, 2012

Personal: Celebration Weekend

It's offical, I'm 25!
This past weekend was filled to the brim with celebrating.
Friday me and my fiance celebrated our 5 year anniversary with a sweet little date.
We got dressed a little fancy and went out to la Madeleine for dinner.
We ordered our food, talked to the servers a little bit and after dinner 
we were treated to a little fruit dish on the house for our 5 year celebration.
After our delicious dinner we headed on over to my favorite store, Anthropologie.
As if I'm not blessed enough, my fiance likes to call our anniversary our "Anthro-versary" and has made it a little tradition to treat me to Anthro shopping each year to celebrate. This time around I picked a pretty perfume I've been eyeing for a while. 
Saturday was a very, very full day. Tim and I spend the morning and part of our afternoon with other engaged couples diving into God's word and preparing for the season ahead of us. Then we met up with my sweet little family and had lunch down in Georgetown at Serendipity! It didn't hurt that it was incredibly warm and lovely out, something I never get on my birthday.

We were all so excited to finally try Serendipity.
The place was beautiful, the food better than I thought, and company was awesome.
My sweet little nephew even enjoyed himself.

And of course you can't go to Serendipity and not try their famous frozen hot chocolate! 
Because Tim and I can't have too much chocolate we opted for the white chocolate and strawberry, 
and though it was good I'd recommend going for the real chocolate stuff first.
Later that night I came home to a bedroom filled with balloons from my big sister followed by midnight  celebrating with presents and lots of laughs. 

Sunday was finally my birthday and I woke up to balloons every where, breakfast in bed and sunshine.
I spent the day at church celebrating with my church family and indulging in even more sweets.
My mom so sweety got me Georgetown Cupcakes {DC cupcakes} to celebrate and share with our family and friends. She know's me well and knows my love for cupcakes hasn't changed over the years.
I love you family so so much! 
So much loves also goes to my fiance for making this weekend so special. 
Having an anniversary and birthday in one weekend is a mouth full but he always makes both days so special.
A huge thank you goes out to all of you amazing folks who sent some birthday love my way.
I can't tell you how much I've been blessed and how overwhelmed with joy I am from all the love and kindness I've been given. Praise God!


  1. You are so beautiful, inside and out! I'm so happy you had such an amazing birthday!