Sep 16, 2012

Teasers: Andew and Marsha

Senior year of high school, I saran wrapped this girl to a hotel bed while she was sleeping ... and today she got married!!
Today was yet another sweet trip down of memory lane for me {this summer has been full of that}. 
Another one of my dear middle school / high school girlfriends got married.
This is my friend Marsha. 
From 5th grade to 12th grade we sang in the same choir together every single year, we shared lockers when my locker was closer  to her classes. Marsha was one of the biggest reasons I made the dance team our senior year of high school {it helped that she was one of the captains that year}.  She called me Rini {My first name is Irene} and I called her Hambone. But now we are all grown up.

 Today I witnessed her marry the man she loves, and add the tittle wife to her resume.
 Marsha and Andrew your wedding day couldn't have been more perfect.
 You both looked ammmmmmazing, my camera hardly did you two justice.
I can see God doing beautiful things in your lives and I know his plans for your sweet little family are going to be all kinds of wonderful. Continue to put Him first and He'll take care of everything else.
Such a beautiful family!

With that said, thanks for putting together a mini highschool reunion for us all Marsha dear!
These are just some of the ladies who made high school that much more fun!
Oh, and all these ladies too!
 A little love goes out to these newly wed friends of mine!!! I love you both!
Last but not least, my high school dance team coach ... Mama Lorie! 
She's STILL got more moves on the dance floor than I do. 

Today was such a sweet day, 
Congrat again Marsha and Andrew I had a great time celebrating with you both and thank you for trusting me with keeping your memories. Happy Honeymoon!!!!! 

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