Feb 19, 2013

Personal: A Valentine's Celebration

Last week was a lovely week filled with sweets, good times and special dates.

 For Valentines day I baked up a sugary sweet storm of cupcakes and cookies, decorated the house a little, and had a sweet lunch date with my mom.
My evening was the most incredibly relaxed Valentine's I've ever had and it was honestly one of the best nights I've had to myself.
 Late after lunch I went for a long incredible run. I spent my run thanking God for all the love He's blessed my life with. Once I got back home I had the best hot bath, followed by a candle light dinner all by myself and a tall glass of deliciousness to cap off my day. Though my day lacked my favorite man and valentine, I loved every ounce of my day.

I've honestly never felt more loved in my whole life than in this season. 
Valentine's day can't trump the past 365 days of love that I've been blessed with.

The day after Valentine's day I finally got to see my very handsome Valentine. 
To start our night off we exchanged our lovely handmade cards. 
Something we both love and adore.
Then we dressed up and went to his church's fun banquet. 
 Tim's church was hosting a sweet 50's themed Valentine's Day banquet.
The night was filled with a yummy dinner, an Elvis appearance, singing and testimonies, and Carvel icecream!!!
 I had such a sweet time.
I loved spending time with my two valentine's this year, My wonderful fiance and my beautiful mom.
Hope you all had an incredible Valentine's day and a wonderful weekend!

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  1. what a cute Valentines post :)

    Btw your hand writing is stunning! Did you teach your self? And do you use a calligraphy pen?