Aug 6, 2013

Newlywed Diaries: Summing up 3 and 4 months of Marriage

Last month I tried relentlessly to start the blog post about our third month of marriage, but with each attempt words seemed to fail me. But recently I've gotten the chance to encourage friends who are engaged and have shared what a joy it is to be married. So the words have finally found their way to me this week, which happens to already be our fourth month of marriage. And just because I didn't post on our third month doesn't mean it wasn't amazing ... it was one of the most fun filled, adventurous months of marriage by far.

In the past three to four months our home no longer feels brand spanking new. Instead it's a place that gets messy, a place that is constantly filled, a placed that is lived in, like really really lived in. Dirty dishes, and unfolded laundry are signs that we are too busy to worry about the little stuff, and instead we are out and about, keeping busy and living life.

I'm no longer surprised to find my favorite person laying next to me in the middle of the night when I can't sleep, it's one of the sweetest comforts.

These few months have been so very vibrant and bright it's made the past six years of dating seem so dim. Something I thought impossible. We have had some of the sweetest, most incredible times over the years, yet they all pail in comparison to this sweet new season.

Lastly the more I realize the strength, beauty and promises of keeping our covenant of marriage no matter what, the more I am humbled to be loved by a God who's promises are never broken. It's overwhelming trying to thinking about it, and leads me to tear more quickly these days. How sweet a God we have.

I am so blessed and thankful to be married to my best friend. Happiest 4 months Timmy!

Ps. Still want to know how was our third month of marriage? Well school's out, spending every day of our summer together is like being kids again ... and going on our "real" week long honeymoon in Miami, Florida was like a dream come true. Here's a funumentary of our time in Miami.
With Love, Currently from Nebraska

 Mrs. Remo

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