Oct 22, 2013

Newlywed Diaries: 6 Months

Has it really been half of a year already?

Days and months are flying by and the sweeter and sweeter our love grows. I'm just now realizing 5 months came and went without warning and because it was the busiest month of the year for both of us, I didn't even think about blogging. Yup, caught me red handed.

I'm so thankful to finally come up for air. It's a blessing to be busy but it's also tiresome. I'm so thankful for my husband who helped me get through 8 weeks of weddings not simply by second shooting, or assisting. But by helping me in ways no one ever sees like back rubs, or foot rubs, or picking up food on days I just didn't have strength to cook {recovering from long wedding nights}, or by letting me indulge in buying countless candles for my epsom salt baths that help me "de-stress" every weekend,  for being understanding and crazy patient with me even when I'm not because I'm stressed, and most importantly helping me and supporting me through prayer, kind and encouraging words and his love. I am blessing.

I've got nothing truly "new" to report as a newlywed. Honestly after 6 months the newness of marriage is wearing off, but not in a bad way. We've settled in, we've worked through highs and lows together, we've fought, we've cried, we've laughed {we're always laughing},  we've traveled, we've stayed home, we've cooked, we've cleaned, we've not cleaned, we've grown in our love for each other and our love for the Lord, and we've adventured. This is normal life to us now. It's beautiful, and simple, no bells and whistles ... this is just us. Everything now feels worn in and normal. 

Not to say we have it all figured out, or that we're experts on marriage now, we're rookies and we know it.  "New" is just not a word we use very often these days. Our once new pots and pans now bare  cooking battle scars, our once new cups and plates now have scratches or chips on some of them, our once perfectly folded and organized linen closet is now in constant disarray from daily living. New is no longer what defines this season, it only defines the new mercies God covers us with each and every day. Normal is where we've found ourselves. Normal is the season. But normal has never been so sweet. We love this normal of ours and we are thankful for each and every day of it.

With that said, I'll no longer be posting any newlywed diaries here on my photo blog ... instead family and marriage posts will be moving to a more personal space, our family blog. Yup, it was bound to happen. We've been wanting to share more about our home, our married life, our families, our friends, and our adventures. I'll be linking our family blog here soon, but in the mean time thank you all for being with us through our journey. I've been blessed by sharing our story with you all, as you let me capture and share your stories. And honestly shared stories are what brings people together isn't it?

To all you newlyweds out there, I'm convinced marriage is like wine ... it gets better with time. 
But these first few months are some of the greatest times, and are fleeting and short. So enjoy every single second, and congrats to you and yours!


  1. Hi Ica. You and richelle are my favorite fil-am christian bloggers. I look forward to meeting you both in person. And im saying this now bec i spent the first two weeks of november by visiting the US...something that is usually classified as once-in-a-lifetime thing if you are a mid class pinay. I tried to catch up with my bloglist when i got home and it occured to me just now how it was close to meeting u guys. :) well what do i know? God granted me this US trip and a 10year visa...who knows when He hands me a boarding pass again. :) congrats again on your wedding, i think i said that already in one of my comments or messages to you but just in case you did not get it.

    1. You are so kind! thanks for encouraging comment and yes if u are ever in DC please let me know!