Oct 15, 2013

Tim's Teasers: My second-shooting Husband

If you've seen me working these past few weeks, you've probably seen my talented husband working near by.

Early in the spring time my husband sat me down and asked me seriously if I could teach him how to improve his photography and then asked me if he got good enough could he someday second shoot for me. I was floored he was that interested and of course I happily obliged.

One thing you must know about my husband is that he is a learner. By profession he is a teacher, but that love for teaching stems from his love for learning. He wanted to learn as much as possible so we talked about shooting manual for quite some time, we went out and practiced, we looked for good light, and on a pretty regular basis we talking about camera settings in different situations with or with out a camera in hand.

With that said, he got good.

Good enough to ask him to get certain shots and know he'd deliver. Good enough to let him off on his own and then upon seeing his photos, wish I could take credit for such work. Good enough to trust as a second shooter and spend every weekend working along side him.

These photos I'm proud to say are some my husband's work from shooting along side me these past few months.

Details, moments, low light or sun light my husband makes me so incredibly proud and his work, and willingness to help me these past few months, humbles me.


  1. He is getting really good!!!

    Now your weddings are doubly fun! :)