Feb 27, 2014

Proposal: Em-em & Mobin

I've taken my grand old time in posting this shoot because frankly I'm still in beautiful disbelief and also it took me some time to get around to the video.

My dearest best friend is engaged and is getting married in 8 months!!!
A few weeks leading up to December my best friend's boyfriend, Mobin sent me a message asking if I were free on December 7th. I knew exactly what was coming next. I cleared my calendar that day, and in the weeks that followed stayed in constant communication with Mobin to help time and plan his sweet proposal.

Mobin picked out a beautiful little bench in a beautiful park {The National Arboretum} overlooking God's beautiful creation.

Though it was difficult to find that specific bench in a park filled with hundreds of them, after 30 mins of frantic searching & kicking out a couple who was all cozied up in that very spot … I found their bench and screamed out "I FOUND IT!"  to my husband who was busy looking for the bench elsewhere. 
The picture of "the bench" that was emailed to me. 

On it says,  'Ann Price (1932-2008) who loved this place.
"…I am like a green olive tree in the house of God" (Psalms 52)'

As soon as we settled into our hiding spot in the bushes we watched and waited with bated breath. 

We could hear them making their way to the bench talking and laughing while holding hands. Then at the bench Mobin took out a little blanket for them to sit on {the wood was a little damp}, and he told Em-em he wanted to share a book with her. 

At this point my husband and I waited quietly in the bushes for them to enjoy their book undisturbed until midway through. We didn't want to blow our cover, nor did we want to spoil the surprise before she really knew what was happening.

{Cue the pictures}
The book was their beautiful story written by Mobin himself. 
Page after page you could see their smiles grow larger and fuller.
Then in one swift move Mobin was on one knee with a little box in hand.
The instant it clicked I saw my best friend's eye light up in a way I've never before seen.
{My hands, knees and heart were shaking … pardon the miss fire in focusing}

Will you marry me?
Though her yes was but a whisper you could just read it all over her face.
Once the moment sank in Em-em realized her surrounds and finally saw Tim and me standing there with cameras in hand. I was literally jumping up and down in joy, and we hugged and celebrated! Oh how sweet it was to celebrate and capture my bestie's proposal as she did for me. 
A phone call to Em-em's parents followed along with so many more happy tears. Though Em-em's words were barely audible it was the sweetest moment hearing "Oh, I'm so happy for you Em!" loud and clear coming from her phone.
These next couple of pictures are some the sweetest pictures in the bunch.
I've never seen her happier.
And I dare you to find a more perfect set of smiles.
Those are some of the best smiles in the world!
After a few minutes Mobin's mom finally called back. Mobin picked up the call, told his mom the good new then passed the phone over to his beautiful new fiancé and watched with the most loving eyes.
That sweet look. 
The fun did not end there. After a sweet double date lunch at Potbelly's we all surprised Em-em with a surprise engagement part back at her house. It was a blast!
Em-em & Mobin we love you both so much!

 Thanks for letting us capture your proposal and for letting us celebrate with you both that entire day. We are blessed by you two and love watching God work through you both and bless you both. We are excited for the days ahead, and for all the wedding fun to be had!

Best, I already know you will an amazing wife, a beautiful bride and Mobin is one blessed man to have you by his side for the rest of his life. You are an amazing woman of God and I'm beyond happy for you and the wonderful man God has blessed you with. Thanks for sharing every sweet milestone in life with me from childhood till marriage, and for letting me be a part of yours. I love you and am so thankful you are my best!

Song: "Make you mine" - Us the duo


  1. so perfect. you guys rock, you super duo. love and miss you Ica (and Timmy Kuya)! so thankful you guys are so willing to bless your friends and others with your God-given gifts.

  2. Ok wow.. those pictures brought me to tears! Congratulations and thanks for sharing! God's richest blessings on you and your new life together!