May 8, 2014

Portraits: Baby Evie's 1 month

With mother's day a few days away I can't help but think of two special moms in my life, 
My mom and my big sister who just gave birth to her second baby two months ago.

My whole family is totally enthralled by little Everly. 
Noah June loves no he LOVES loves his baby sister. 

Having a baby around makes family time so much more precious and cuddly. Here are photos of our time with them.
It's beautiful and fun seeing Everly wear Noah's 1 month onesie. 
She's smaller than her big brother was at 1 month but is just as adorable in his baby clothes.
My dashing and handsome brother in law is so smitten by his baby girl.
Oh this ham! He is such a copy cat, even found his camera to copy his favorite Auntie and snapped pictures of his own.
I love these four so much.
Evie & Noah's grammy is also in love. We're all kind of thrilled to have another girl in the family.
Boy does she have some lungs on her.
Noah does this thing to everyone and puts his hands on everyone's faces while saying "Oh SOO cute!!!!"
It's the sweetest thing in the world watching him do it to his baby sister.
But as boys are boys. Noah couldn't sit still for pictures for too long.
Best part of our picture time was Noah's itchy butt that kept us all laughing for a long time.
This Auntie loves her baby niece and nephew so much.
Baby Evie you are the sweetest thing.
As you and yours celebrate Mother's day with the special Moms in your life don't forget to capture your time together. After "leaving the coop" when I got married my time with my own mom and sister is limited. So capturing our time together has become that much more special to me.

I love you Sissy, Terrence, Noah June, Everly Faith and Mom.

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