Aug 23, 2014

Summer Update: Teasers & Travels

Inhale ... 


As summer starts to retreat I am finally able to catch my breath. It's been an extraordinary summer, engrossed in adventure, love, family, and work. I'm grateful for a season of busy, but ever so glad for things to finally slow down. 

My husband is mostly healed from a car accident at the beginning of the summer {praise God and thank you for all the love and patience while we have dealt with this!}. I've gained new friends and built stronger bonds with existing ones. We traveled & then traveled again. I've been challenged by a food allergy I never knew I had, but have learned to manage and live with.  I've juggled many hats this summer and by the grace of God have been able to accomplish the many jobs He's set before me. And best of all I've grown. I can't pinpoint specifics, but this summer has changed me and I'm not the same lady I was at the start of it.

Hope your summer was a full, as wonderfully-challenging, life giving & warm as ours. 
I'll leave you now with a sweet set of teasers, with full blog posts to follow.
{My husband took this dreamy sparkler filled photo, as I was on the other side of my bride & groom taking a completely average photo. My Mr. is so talented!}
 The rest are photos from this summer's East Coast travels.

Happy weekend folks!

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