Sep 19, 2014

The Yards DC Engagement: Divya & Tanner

As there are many facets of sunlight, so are there many facets of a relationship.
A few weeks ago I got to explore both from behind my camera. The sun poured out a melody of light over The Yards Park as I captured Divya & Tanner's beautiful love. Some times they were serious, calm, and refined. Other times they were silly, bubbly and carefree. Either way my favorite thing about them is their confidence in their love. The way they would unapologetically hold one other, kiss and care for one another, it was all so moving. I generally see this in older couples, the kind who have decades of marriage under their belts. But Divya & Tanner {only being engaged} seem to have this well worn in kind of love already, and I'm honored to have captured it.

I, as a photographer may give directions on where to stand and how to pose but it truly comes to life when my directions are executed with intention. "Hold her & Hug her," - I say. But through out Divya & Tanner's shoot those directions were much more than that. Every hug was as intentional as if I weren't there. Every kiss was as meaningful as if no one was around.  With that said, I'm pretty sure I've got the better end of the deal for their wedding day. 

Divya & Tanner I am elated to be shooting your wedding and I wish you both all the best!!!

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