Sep 25, 2014

VA Bridal Shower: Travel Inspired

Two weeks ago we celebrated one of my best friends with a sweet, travel inspired bridal shower.
I'm so grateful for my oldest and dearest friend 'Em-em'.

In honor of her passion for traveling, and her obedient heart that pursues God's call to labor in the 
mission field both internationally, and across America ... a travel themed party was a must.

Paper airplanes, globes, travel-themed-games, 
and table filled with international food set the stage for our afternoon get-together. 
Filipino food, Vietnamese, Hawaiian, Dominican Republic, Indian, and DC foods filled out tummies throughout the day. With the exception of India and the Dominican Republic, Em has traveled to all these places and has acquired quite a palate for foreign foods. {Her fiancé is Indian and they will be going to the DR for their honeymoon.}

I'm so excited to see where God leads them both through out their marriage. Wether they stay local or if God uproots them and sends them to a foreign country, I know they will make much of Christ where ever they are called.
^ This is my favorite image from that day.
^And this the 2nd. 
 Two married, 2 engaged, and by the spring we'll all be married, this is crazy.
These are my sisters.
 {Miss you Ate Sharyl, Ate Rachelle, and Rio!}
 The maids & the fair maiden. {Missing 3 more}
Em & her ever gracious, ever gorgeous Maid of Honor. 
{Though they are not related, isn't it crazy how much they look like sisters?}
It was so much fun showering Em with love along side these amazing, and fun-loving ladies.
One more month best!
Praise God for all He's done, all He is doing, and all He's yet to do in your life my dear friend.

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