Jan 4, 2015

2014 Review

Cheers to the moments that were had this year.
The moments that were unaltered, 
& unscripted.
Cheers to the moments that were sincerely lived in, 
not fixed, 
not staged, 
nor modified.
Those genuine moments of your lives that you allowed me to live and experience along side you, 
those moments have stirred awe and wonder back into my life.

Those moments moved my heart,
 they made me cry,
 they made me laugh, 
they made my heart race, 

It is your lives that allow me to feel ALL of life's emotions,
 reminding me that I am alive.
Thank you for breathing life in to my very own, 
simply by sharing yours with me.
As always, I am truly enamored by beautiful details, backdrops, and gorgeous parties,
 as they inspire me and fuel me.
But the honesty & frailty of life is what I aim to enfold. 

Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of photography for yet another beautiful year.

This is a thank you letter for all the open souls
who let me share in their lives this past year.
Thank you.
Dedicated to my Tito Ramon Torres, 
Who lived fully, loved well, and laughed often. Dad to my best friends & their handsome brother kuya Dave, loving husband to my "2nd mom", friend to many, grandpa of 3, and child of our beautiful Savior and King. You are so missed Tito Ramon, but thank you for the gift of sharing some of your last days on earth with me. Of all the pictures I have taken in my lifetime, the pictures I took of you and your family that day will remain my favorite photos ever captured. 

In both life and death you reminded me that this life God has given us is short and should be lived to the fullest. Thank you.


All praise and glory goes to God who has granted me such a beautiful life, not in riches & not in fame, but a rich life of beautiful moments, love, sunshine, and relentless grace. This past year meant growth and learning to see life beyond art & imagery. Life's beauty resides in the movements of the soul, and that very movement is what I will chase in life & lens in this new year.

Happy New Year folks!

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