Jan 16, 2015

Personal: Flower Girl Flash Back Friday

I had to dig deep into the archives of my life for this post.

People always ask me: why weddings?
Well, frankly that's what I know. 
And that's what I love.

Ever since I was young I was always involved with weddings. If I wasn't a flower girl, jr. bridesmaid, or bridesmaid I was always helping my mom with flowers and decorations. But let me tell you, I had a pretty solid flower girl resume by age 10. (Forget the fact that I was probably a photographer's worst nightmare because I was always blinking in group photos.) 
I didn't realize that even as a young girl I was already being molding and equipped with wedding experience that would last me a lifetime. The ebb and flow of a wedding day was so familiar to me, that weddings were a normal thing in my mind. But come freshman year of high school I would hear my classmates talk about attending their first wedding ever. I thought attending 1-3 weddings a year was normal for everyone, I'd been doing that since I was like 6.
When my best friends started becoming brides & my dear friends started becoming grooms, I started to see weddings in a new light. With the possibility of finding love in my own life I realized the true magic of a wedding day was in the memories made & the love that was honored. The love of a man and wife, the love of friends and family, and above all the love of a Savior and Lord.
Man weddings are a lot, a lot of planning, a lot of details, and a lot of fun.
To my fellow bridesmaids, maid of honors, jr. bridesmaids, and flower girls ...
Enjoy each moment celebrating with the sweet women, friends, and family in your lives.

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