Jul 16, 2009


A few months ago amazing photographer, Kristen Leigh announced that she'd be hosting an internship for growing or aspiring photographers, with high school girls in mind. There were the few of us elder than the high school age group that applied breaking rules and seizing an great opportunity. Because Kristen is just so awesome she set aside a week for us older gals to intern as well, and now our intern week is almost coming to a close.
It's been 4 days of non-stop fun, and photography with three amazing girls. Kristen {second from the right} our amazing teacher, Jessica {second from the left} the Texan with the most amazing curly locks, and Julia {first on the right} the sweet heart from Minnesota.

I can't believe it's almost over, but it's been such an amazing ride. I'm so excited to see what does God does with Jessica & Julia's amazing talents and their awesome businesses. As for Kristen, she is kind of a deal but I'm sure she'll continue to be a bigger deal as her amazing photography continues to inspire and her business continues to grow.

What an amazing ride!! And thanks for providing the pictures Jessica! You rock!

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