Jul 21, 2009

Saturday Adrenaline

I'm seriously still recovering from a whirlwind of a weekend, all after a marathon of awesomeness {aka The Internship}. I simply can not help but want to share just a little bit about this weekend's adrenaline rush.


Just when I thought my internship was over, I didn't realize there was still so much more photography fun to be had. Friday the 3 of us interns {Julia, Jessica & I} headed home, back to our separate corners of the country. We parted our ways but knew that it wouldn't be sad goodbyes, but "See you laters" for sure. Then Saturday rolls around and on Facebook I find Kristen was still in a crunch to find a second shooter in my area just hours before her wedding.

I cleared my scheduled as best as I could though I knew I'd be cutting it close with time, and by the mercy of my praise band at church they excused me from practice that day. Next, I made a quick pit stop at home to grab all my camera stuff, then literally made a quick dash to the alter, to help Kristen out. I arrived at the wedding seconds before the bride walked down the aisle, and started shooting without a hitch. Suffice it to say, Saturday's wedding was definitely an adrenaline rush. It was not only my first time second shooting, but it was also my first wedding with Kristen, {The 3 weddings I've done prior to this internship were solo gigs, but looking back it would have been sweet to have a second shooter to help me out}. The wedding was quite a rush and was so so lovely. But my night didn't end there.

Figures my adrenaline rush had a second wind that night and when I arrived home from the wedding my sister got a phone call from our friend, who called because her water broke and we were about to have a baby. Ok not "we" literally, but it was a team effort to get her ready, get her to the hospital, and make sure she was ready for baby girl 2 to arrive. The rest of that night, and the morning after was spent in the waiting room at the hospital, till I got to meet baby Adrianna for the first time ever. {I didn't go home till around 8am, but meeting Adrianna was definitely worth the wait}. Thank you everyone for your prayers and congratulations to my friend, I'll definitely pass your kind words on over to her and I can't wait to introduce you all to beautiful Adrianna!!!

Hope your weekend was also filled with excitement, love and laughter. And if not, I hope your week will be. Stay tuned for more from Sarah & Michael's {aka Abs} wedding!

Thank you for letting me second shoot for you Kristen!!
{We missed you Julia & Jessica!!!}


  1. Wow your weekend sounds insane! hehe... Beautiful photos from the wedding!

  2. great pics!! Detail shots are my fave, so I looove these!! I haven't had a chance to edit mine yet, but I'll let you know when mine are up! :)

    I'm glad it was an exciting day for you too! Congrats on your new niece!! How exciting! :):)