Jul 28, 2009

You Oughta Know

To all my loves, blog readers, friends and fam:
You are all the greatest a girl could ask for!!

You all make me feel the way this video makes me feel.

Press play and let it run. Seriously, stop what you are doing, take a listen and let the music take you on this amazing ride. Is it playing? Ok, good!! Keep reading. By the way, Thank you Jessica-Amazing-Shea for introducing me to one of the greatest arrangements EVER! You rock!

So it's only been 11 days since the sweetest internship ever, and already God has shown His favor and amazing blessings on me. Over 2,000 blog hits in that amount of time? Really? That's insane, I've had my personal blog up for almost 3 years now and I still haven't gotten that many hits. Granted it's more of an online inspiration board/creative journal that I'm sure interests the maximum of what, like 5 people {mostly my best friends}.

So thank you, thank you, thank you!
You all are amazing for continually coming back, sharing your words of encouragement, leaving the loveliest messages, and for just appreciating my work. I've still got sooo much too learn and improve so if you stick around things are bound to get even better. And seriously, you all are the reason I work so hard. So far, I've just about booked more clients than there are fingers on my tiny little hands. I've even got 3 weddings to look forward too, possibly four and I'm sooo nervously excited because it's all happening so fast! I share all of this not to brag, but simply to share with you all who care enough to support me and encourage me through this that with your support and with God's grace .... things are happening. Amazing things.

So ... you oughta know that YOU.ARE.THE.BEST!

Here are a few pictures of the 'Ica' you also oughta get to know. Though I'll bet you'll be fully disappointed to find out that I'm pretty much a dork .. not gonna lie. Also there are definitely tons more incredible faces than the few pretty faces in these next few photos. {So please don't get mad if you are not in any of them} I love you all .. you guys know who you are!

Ok .. this is my family. Just me, my mom, and my big sister: Joan. Our faces are always like that so don't worry, nothing's wrong with us. The three of us are more like sisters and best friends than anything else and I've never known 2 stronger, more beautiful & Godly women then them.
For the life of me, can't find a picture of ALL of my best friends. But there are EIGHT of them. No I don't mean these girls are my closest friends, these girls are truly my best. I only have 5 of them here in my picture but ... there are 3 more.

We're even going to start a "Listography- Girls Night" just us friends ... because we love lists and we get to talk and bond while going over them. Also an excuse to get rid of the boys. Hehe.
Talk about boys ... this boy .. is my favorite. His name is Tim .. he holds my heart.
Tim makes me feel like this ... hehe.
And like this. {We really got a heart shaped chicken nugget for lunch one day}
Next we got my little fam bam. I love my cousins to the max. They are my heart.
These 3 pretty ladies are my "bunsoys" {the baby sisters}. 3 of us are the baby's of our siblings and Emem, in the blue ... is an only child but has all of us girls to call sister. Left to right: Lily ... our body guard, Angie our hot librarian & nurse { she really is both, no lie}, some weirdo .. and Em-em .. the only one in my life who laughs at my jokes. Hehe. These girls are like my soul mates, they finish my sentences and pick me up when I'm down. I love you girls.
This last picture .. well there are no words for it. It's me, my sister's boyfriend, my sister, and my boyfriend {in that order}. My life would not be complete without them.

Ok, so if you didn't already notice ... I don't really ever take serious pictures. Kristen was lucky I was on my best behavior for our headshots. I'm like Chandler in front of a camera, that's why I stay behind it. Also I apologize for the amazingly-awesome quality pictures I've posted. They are the greatest, I know. I hope I don't scare you all away with showing you guys "the real" Ica. I just thought you guys deserved to see who I am for yourselves. Have a great day everyone!! And thanks for always making mine!


  1. ica, you just commented on my blog.
    oh. my. gosh!
    hi! i've been following your blog, and those of Kristen's other interns, non-stop since you guys set them up. you are all so incredible! i'm inspired by you girls. your photos are stunning.
    thank you so much for visiting and commenting. i'm a little abashed - i only have a little semi-pro and am so not in your league! maybe visit in a few months when i've saved enough pennies for my DSLR. hehe.
    God bless you xx
    p.s. the youtube video is insanely amazing!

  2. Love love looooove it!
    This is so super cute, and SO you! seeing the pics of your beautiful face made me miss you even more tho...I wanna come see you!!!
    *need any second shooters for one of those weddings????* ;)

  3. Love the arrangement! Seriously brilliant. Just like your pictures!

  4. Aw I loved this post!! And that version of Love Story is the best, so pretty!!

  5. Ica. You are too funny. You're like Chandler! Hahaha that comment made me laugh. Thanks for that. :)

    MISS YOU!!!

  6. with the daily 9-5 grind, i'm glad to find blogs like yours that help maintain a healthy balance of working hard and hardly working - your photos are a great distraction! seriously, replete with gorgeous shots of gorgeous people. i could use some pointers :)

    send my regards to timothy and tell him i regret to this day never coming out to CRU like i promised i would.