Aug 20, 2009

The Calm Before The Storm

Don't look now!!!
But Ica Images is about to kick it up a few notches and hit the ground running. Seriously. I just recently came back from a well needed family vacation, though it honestly wasn't long enough. And I've had time to relax, and chill out but I'm soo ready to get to work full force.
Here's a little teaser from my vacation that sums up the whole trip in one single moment: Bliss! There's tons more to be shared, but back to what I was saying.

It's not that I haven't been working or getting things done lately {I practically work 3 different jobs so work is a constant for me day by day}, it's just been "the calm before the storm". I know using the word storm has a sort of negative connotation to it, but my thought is that these next few months will not be easy, in a good sense, and I know I'm in for a wild ride. Just like summer storms. They might not be the most pleasant part about summer, {especially if you have a shoot to do} but they are meant to do good, to cool the earth down and grow everything it touches. I see these next few months as that amazing storm that will really grow my business and will push me to be at my best, challenging me to do things or try things I haven't ever before.

And plus I love rain, not so much thunder, I just love my rainy days. Miley Cyrus is right {though I'm really not a fan} ... sometimes "it's the climb". Cheesy but true. What's in store for Ica Images you ask? So so much.
First, just one more teaser of kids portraits I did of other amazingly good looking cousin of mine ... I'm sure I'm adopted because all these kids are just too GORGEOUS!

Also I was blessed to do a quick but wonderful shoot with the amazing and oh-so beautiful Jessica Shae and her beautiful family of 9. Yes she and her family drove for days just to see me, NOT ... hehe ... they dropped off one of her brothers to college which happens to be fairly close to me, and it was an opportunity the two of us did not want to waste. {I love you Jessica Shae!} And their family portraits deserve a post of it's own so stay tuned.

As for the rest of it? Where do I begin?

The photographers who's been in touch with me have been nothing but kind, helpful, encouraging and inspiring. In the next few months I'll be second shooting, or working along side some amazing peers and I can not wait. I've still got much to learn, to have the help and guidance of more practiced peers is such a delight and a blessing.

What else is up? A trip to NY, CA, and possibly NC to do shoots! I'm no Jessica Shae, {so check out her 'Grand Tour' maybe she'll be visiting a city near you. And hopefully us fellow interns can again meet up in a new city} but I do love to travel. My first two weddings happened to be "destination weddings" in the south, Jekyll Island GA and Destin FL but it's been awhile since and I'm ready to go exploring even more.

For all you who've stuck around to see how this journey of mine has been going, you seriously rock and thank you thank you thank you!!! There's more on the way, it's the calm before the storm and chaos, and if you need a photographer ... what are you doing just sitting there? Email me & Let's be friends ASAP!

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Happy Thrusday to you!!!


  1. you.are.awesome.

    keep it up, girl!

  2. yay yay cant wait to see the vacation pictures.....aaaand everything else!

  3. love that photo that sums up your family vacation. her expression and the light are just stunning!

  4. Sounds like you have lots of excitement in your future.. You're definitely going places. I think you're way amazing! :) Glad you had a nice vacation too!! Its always nice to have a little break to regroup and relax. :)