Sep 21, 2009

Kysan + Niki = Engaged

As I walked along the busy streets in my favorite part of town, I couldn't help but be romanced and inspired by everything around me. I knew it was going to be an awesome day, an awesome shoot, and best of all, romantic.
Not for myself, but for the two college sweethearts who are ready to write their own fairytale and 'live happily ever after'.
The breeze was crisp and yummy, and in hidden alleys fall had already arrived.
Meet Niki and Kysan, they're getting married and they are not boring!
{They think they are, but spending a weekend with them has proven otherwise!!}

They are kind, hilarious and tons of fun.

They even brought little Brody to our shoot.

His social skills are not that great, but he gave me a little smile and I just about died.
Brody you're adorable!!!

But never again are we letting off your leash in the city. Never. LOL.

Talk about the city, Oh boy did we have a blast as we made our way down quite neighborhoods and awesome streets.

And I know ... I already blogged this as a teaser ... but my goodness I love love love this shot!

Niki had her herself a great time as you can see. Hehe.
At the expense of my singing and dancing.
I like pose my clients in song, "Hands on your knees! Hands on your knees! ... Two hops this time .. "

Sometimes I even got Kysan to laugh ... sometimes.
{Insert giggles here}
In this shot Kysan kept asking me if he looked like he was struggling, and he wasn't ... but he wasn't smiling either. A combination of that and Niki's adorable smile makes me laugh uncontrollable.

But Niki can be just as serious, and super super fierce. HELLO GORGEOUS!
Sigh ... I did not want our evening to end, and by a miracle a few minutes before we ended our first day of shooting we got some yummy golden hour goodness.

The next morning we woke up bright and early to a GORGEOUS day, and meet up at our second location. It felt like we walked into a fairytale and I'll be honest, I got butterflies it was just that amazing!

I love my mom for suggesting The National Cathedral for our second location! Amazing!!
By that point, these two were pros and made my job insanely easy.

Sigh .... the garden was magical and I could not have asked for a more perfect morning.

Seriously? What??? Vogue!!!
I can't wait to shoot their wedding! I know it will be filled with even more romancing, good times and laughter. Niki and Kysan you guys are the best!!!
Before I end this post ... I gotta tell you a little bit about the guy who "put a ring on it".

Kysan is simply amazing. I love my brides to pieces, Niki you know you're my girl!! But I got to give to Kysan .. he's one amazing groom! From day one Kysan's taken it upon himself to be in charge of all the photography stuff {*everything that deals with silly little me}, and has been a dream to work with. If you ask him yourself, Kysan hates taking pictures .. but has been a gentleman in everything we've done. I know what it takes to plan a wedding, and seeing a groom take things off his brides hands and take care of it himself brings me utter delight.

If he's already such an awesome groom I'm sure he'll be a wonderful husband for his wifey. Niki you've got a keeper on your hands, and I'm sooo blessed and honored to be shooting your wedding next summer. I heart you both and pray you all the best in the world!!

The end for now, till Kysan + Niki =Married.

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