Sep 19, 2009

Silly Saturday

Alright I'm ready, the calm before the storm is now over ... the chaos begins: now.

Ok not this instant, but it all begins on the other side of this weekend. Next week I'll be taking a little road trip out of town with my friend and 'assistant' for a lovely little wedding, then a few days later I'll be packing my bags once again and headed to sunny California for a week of fun, photography and good times. And with October right around the corner ... all I see is a packed schedule and amazing cardigan weather. Not to mention a NYC trip or two to plan out for the fall, another trip to California in December as a bridesmaid, and family portraits left and right. *GASP ... I can hardly breath already.

Since I have a moment to spare right now ... I want to use it wisely, and share a few silly facts about myself on this silly Saturday morning. Yes, this is what I consider using my time wisely. Hehe. So here we go.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Sunday Comics with The Samuri Sudoku is the only reason I touch the Post on Sundays.
{Then I carry it around with me all week until I finish it ... or just give up}

Forehead kisses are by far my favorite kind. I take way to many forhead kisses during my shoots, I'm sure you've noticed :)!

I play the geetar {my geetar's name is Penelope}. But by no means am I great {as seen here}.

My favorite movie is: Funny Face
{Fred + Audrey + fashion + photography + Paris + love = greatness}

Is corny as they are, I watch Filipino soap operas with my mom. Don't judge me.

I can not for the life of me listen to the radio for more than 5 mins straight. I find my music fixes online {pandora is my bff}, or from friends and I'd rather listen to indie artist, and unsigned talent all day, every day. The best stuff never gets played on the radio, why is that?

I make lists. Lots of them. I even have Listography nights with my bestfriends to prove it. Here's my ever changing life to do list.

I'm hungry, all the time.

As it states on my website: If there were no bills to be paid, I'd happily work for cupcakes. I really like cupcakes.

Lastly, I have way to many names, somes it confuses me. LOL. It took forever for me to decided on Ica Images ... when I couldn't even decide if the girls from the internship should call me Ica or Irene. {Just a few of my names: Ica, Ikes, Irene, Irene Carole, Rini, Rini-roni, Ica-boodle.... that last one is reserved for my bestfriends only***}

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I think I've just justified how lame I really am .. but oh-well, this is the real Ica in a nutshell. Thanks for sticking around and Hope you have a silly Saturday!!!

**Lastly, my boyfriend took this picture and he rocks!!**


  1. I love the picture your boyfriend took of you! Such a pretty setting and a pretty person :)

  2. beautiful picture of you . . . Ica-boodle; that's great! :) Similarly, my mum calls me beka-boo. I love nicknames! ;>)

  3. And, hey, your boyfriend is really good. he does rock --this picture proves it. :)

  4. you have a lot of exciting stuff coming up! congrats :)

    oh! and the 'stuff' you make are SO cute!