Nov 16, 2009

Memory Lane:: Wedding: Wes & Rang Yon

Let's go down memory lane, shall we?

In my last post I mentioned that it's been exactly a year since I shot my first 'solo' wedding, what I didn't get to share were a few pictures I took from that amazing day. If you looked at your calendars, yesterday was the 15th of November and probably just another day to you. But for one amazing couple Wes & Rang Yon ... it marked 1 year, 1 baby girl named Emma, and 1 puppy since they said 'I do'.

Happy Anniversary Wes & Ate Rang,
This one's for you ... I love you both very much and I still can't thank you enough for
believing in me and my photography and for supporting me ever since.
{*Ate means 'big sister' in my language ... though Ate Rang is only an honorary Filipino, she's really like a big sister to me}

Word's fail me now as I look back on that amazing day so I've dug up the blog post I wrote a year ago, on the morning of their wedding ... to help me recall that splendid day in Georgia. Jekylle Island, Georgia to be exact, though I still don't know how I managed to book a 'destination wedding' as my first wedding. God, you're just soo good to me, thank you.

Georgia Sunshine

After a long night of tossing and turning with excitement, laying next to whom else but the Bride herself {yes I was the lucky gal who got to turn in with the lovely bride the night before her day of wedded bliss ... hahah she's like my big sister ok; whom too, could not sleep with sheer excitement and a bit of nervousness}, I was awaken a few moments ago by a wake up call and the morning Georgia sunlight fighting to get in through the cracks of the drapes closed all around me in this darling, and empty Presidential suite in a cottage {really ... a mansion} on the beautiful Jekyll island.

As I pulled back more of the drapes I couldn't help but smile at the beautiful old Oak trees dancing with spanish moss all around me with palm trees lining the paved roads drenched in sunshine in a cloud filled sky.

But as I ferverently type this post out ... the clouds are beginning to roll in on this beautiful Saturday morning ... let's just hope and pray that it clears for the beautiful wedding that awakes us at the other end of this day. To say it is beautiful down here is an understatement.

As for the beautiful bride, she has already left for the morning to be pampered and dolled up ... and I stay to capture all the small details of the beautiful place on film and help polish off the day with decorations and smiles.

Happy wedding day ate Rang & Wes.
It's going to be one lovely day.

That blog post was more like one seriously looong sentence
{My apologies if you really read through it all}, but you get the point ... I hope.
It was gorgeous, fairy tale gorgeous .. end of story.

And if you are ever in Georgia you MUST visit Jekylle Island! I vowed to return here once again when time and finances allow it, because being there made me feel like a queen.

The Jekylle Island Club Hotel = a little piece of heaven, southern style.

Now enjoy the rest of these pictures from their wedding day, sans stories in between. These are the pictures that defined "Ica Images" long before the logo and name came along, so look closely and you'll see where and how it all began. 1 year goes by faster than you think ... and only by hard hard work, and God's goodness have I come this far since.






I still have very much to learn and so much growing to do in my art, my business and in this industry but this journey has been one of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding journeys I've ever taken. I am definitely no Kristen Leigh, though I looove her like a fat kid loves cake ... and alot of my growth as a photographer has been because of one week spent interning with her amazingness, I will proudly say that I've come along way. So much can happen in one year if you work hard, keep at it and love what you do.

To all you aspiring photographers, or photographers just starting out ... You CAN do it, I know you can, because I'm right here along with you guys! Pick up that camera and get out there!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -
Before I end this post, can i just say one last thing? ........... WOW.

My heart is sooooooo full because I've been so extremely blessed reading through all of your giveaway entries. Too often I find people complaining more than they give thanks, so it's refreshing to read through these and to all of you, I hope and pray the blessings continue to come your way. If you haven't entered in the giveaway just yet, you have till Friday to enter here,


  1. Wow, the location looks FANTASTIC ... Wow. (The photos are equally as stunning! Great job!)

  2. Love your style of documenting their day! :)

  3. Thanks so much for this post.... very inspiring! You were pretty good back then, geez girl you are AMAZING now!! LOVE your photography, it has so much happiness and life in it, can hardly wipe the smile off my face when I'm on your blog. Thanks a ton for sharing your talent with the rest of us! <3