Nov 16, 2009

Anniversary Wedding: Rudy & Connie

They we celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary,
What they didn't know was that a room full of their family and friends were throwing them a surprise anniversary wedding!
Her dreams were about to come true.

Meet Rudy and Connie Perocho, better known as my best friend's parents. They've been married for 25 years but have never had a wedding ceremony or reception with friends and family around. That all changed very quickly ... and that day Tita, {meaning aunt} Connie walked down the aisle to meet her husband and groom Tito {meaning uncle} Rudy.
Everything happend so quickly, but so beautifully.
And then they danced is if it were their very first dance.
He was hers.
She was his.
And all was right in the world.
Oh how i love love.
Though everyone's presence that day was a surprise, it was extra special that Tita Connie's sisters and their families traveled all the way from Canada to make it down and help make this party even more complete. They are always soo lovely, and never age a day. I hope I look just as good as them and age just as gracefully when I get older.
On a different note, I love love love these little faces. It reminds me why I love weddings so much, it's because like these girls, I grew up surrounded by weddings, infatuated with them ... and was a flowergirl in just about 100 different weddings. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating, but I think me and my best friend must have broken some kind of record for being flowergirls so many times. And in those times I feel in love, and it's a love I still have not given up.
Speaking of my best friend, here she is giving her very
first 'maid of honor speech' for her loving parents ....
And in her own words it was "one of the best days of her life", as I'm sure it was for her parents ... capturing it all on "film" {for lack of a better word} brought me sheer joy.

I love my best friend and her parents and I praise God
for blessing their family with 25 years of love, life and joy.

Happy Anniversary Perocho Family. I love you!


  1. still waiting for the rest of the CA pictures. you'll be here again before you post them.

  2. Omg. That's sooo adorable! <3 Love the one with their feet. I think it tells the story so well.