Nov 23, 2009


.......................... drum roll please ..........................

Our winner is: MEG! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Here's what she's thankful for!

If you're wondering how I picked the winner, I simply used to pick a number for me between 1-25, since there were 25 entries and TA-DA! The number happened to be 5, and the fifth entry was Meg's!

{ Here's the timestamp to prove it }

And yes, I've had the winner picked since Saturday, but it's been a crazy weekend for me with my sister's engagement party and all, so as planned I'm sharing it with you on this lovely Monday afternoon! Thank you to everyone who joined in on the fun, and be on the look out because I'll definitely be putting together a Holiday Giveaway of some sort ... most especially for you fellow photographers, and photo lovers out there!!! Oh how I loooove the Holidays!!!

On another note,

If you've been to my website I'm sure you've heard this catchy little tune come on. I just had to share it once more, here on this little blog of mine because the other night me, my sister and my boyfriend were watching My Best Friend's Wedding for about the 4,000th time. Me and my sister adore that movie, my sister most especially {it's her ALL time fave.}, and can practically act out the movie verbatim. This movie is the reason why I picked the song for my website 'cause when I think of weddings, I think of the intro to My Best Friend's Wedding. Gotta love it!

Ok last thing ... since blog posts aren't nearly as fun without a photo.

Here's a sneak peak of album photos I recently shot for my dear dear friend, singer/song writer Hope Leigh Rollins ... and it's soo sneaky I don't even have my logo on it! Hehe.

Happy Monday to you!!!


  1. I love My Best Friend's Wedding <3 Haha. Such a good movie!

    (I love/hate sneak peaks. Love them because it's like a preview. Hate because I can't WAIT to see the rest!! :D:D:D)

  2. Congrats the winner! :) And lovve the sneak peek! Can't wait to see the rest!