Nov 26, 2009

I love love. Happy Thanksgiving!

There are a million things I can be thankful for this thanksgiving,
but there's one that I am moooost grateful for.

I am thankful for love.
If it weren't for love, I wouldn't be able to do what I love {no pun intended}. The love of a man and woman, the love of a mother or father, love between a boy and a girl, the love of family or friends, platonic love, love of a Savior .... love is not only what gets me through the day, Love is the reason that I take pictures. Love makes us smile, love makes us sing, love makes us do stupid things. Love brings us joy and comfort, love makes us better, love even makes us cry.

In every picture I take, there is always love, and love is the reason why I even have a job as a photographer. And I am so completely and utterly grateful for love.

I love love, and I love thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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