Jan 21, 2010

California Trip #2, Part 1

Over the coarse of the past year, I've taken many trips, alone .. it was nice to finally traveling with mi familia, the best company ever, to one of my favorite places ever.

I was ready for a wonderful trip,

With my sissy right next to me, my Real Simple in font of me, and my oh-so silly mom behind me.

I'm never disappointed when we land in sunny California. Palm trees always make a fine greeting.

While waiting for my dear friend {Ate Sharyl} to come pick us up from the airport I spotted a robot ... hiding behind a No Parking sign. Shy fella. Haha.

Anyways ... so far every CA trip I take always starts with a Burger, an In-n-out burger that is. 'Tis my new tradition and I'm sticking to it. Plus after any 4 hour flight food is probably the first thing you think of when you land, right?

Ate Sharyl let me and my fam stay with her and her hubby for the first night, taking us around and feeding us sooo well, they even took us to Max's.

My mom was super excited because she use to go to Max's back in the Philippines, having a little taste of 'home' was a great way to end our first day in CA.

Our first day was pretty much just all about good food and catching up with old friends. What can we say, we like food alot. Also talking about food, let me not forget to mention {Ate} Sharyl is one AMMMMMMAZING baker. If you check out her blog, you'll see for yourself her amazing treats. But man oh man, looking at them isn't the same as tasting them. Ohhh how I miss her baking!!

After a hilarious morning of trying to get the car our of the garage {that's a whole nother story} me and my fam went on separate adventures for a few hours.

I love them oh so dearly.

My mom and sister and {ate} Sharyl painted the town red and hoped around Whittier, Anaheim, and West Covina and met up with a bunch of our East Coast family for an impromto 'reunion' type dinner.

I, on the other hand had a Disneyland pass ready to finally be use again.

Of course I went with my darling girls, well practically my sisters ... Reinna and the Unforgettable Rj {yes, the cutie with the 60's themed Bday party ... that's my girl!!}

And Reinna's boyfriend, my {photography} partner in crime, CHRISTIAN CRUZ!!
We all made sure he had his pass before I got there!!! WORD.

A BIG shout out goes to my friend Mike!

Our last adventures together were soo Epic, we made sure we had more adventures for my second trip. He even emailed all our friends to tell them to go to Disneyland this day so we could all play and I could see some of the fine folks I missed during my last trip. Mike you rock!!!

Through out the day our group gradually got bigger and bigger as people started getting out of classes, and off of work. My 'mini' me Nikki joined in on the fun as well.

As we waited in line for the astro blaster the sisters played ...

Then I kicked Reinna's butt, again! hahah. Love you girl!

I think simply walking around was enough fun for me because all the Christmas decoration were up and filled my heart with merriment. Pretty huh?

Besides Disneyland, our passes are good for California ADVENTURES too .. so we had to go.

Cheesy I know. But sometimes you just can't help yourself.

Kisses from California!

And more palm trees!!! YESSS!

As soon as we walked into the park music from High School Musical 3 filled the air and Rj got just a little bit excited. She's a huge fan. Can you tell?

The one thing I just had to do was scream my lungs out on the Tower of Terror .. and man was it crazy fun.

I can't tell you which I enjoyed more, Disneyland or Adventures .. because both were pretty sweet.

Especially the Little Mermaid merri-go-round in Adventures. I seriously want a sea horse one day.

One of my other favorite Californians is dearest Krissa. Endless romantic dates are our thing, in both DC and CA .. hahahah!!! And {with my sister} we were some pretty awesome bridesmaids together!!

Oh Disneyland I heart you!

And to my friends {though a handful are missing from this picture} thanks for making out to Disney that day to play with me! You guys are ammazing and ... wow we had a pretty solid group for last minute planning. Spontaneity is my fave.


  1. haha i LOVE the ICA thing...so adorable! you're so full of life!

  2. I've been to Disneyland a million times, but I've never seen it look so beautiful. You are genius.

  3. the collage after the tower of terror pictures is amazing. I'm happy it was a clear day.

  4. glad you had a great time! :D i love the pictures at disneyland..so fun!

  5. Woaah! I never noticed you could spell "Ica" from the California sign! hahaha. I could use that too!! :D I'm always sad that there's no J... haha.

  6. Oh, Ica! You are too sweet! Miss you much Lady!!

  7. Aww..Ica!! These pictures are so much fun! I miss you!!!

  8. Love these! I'm jealous that you can spell ICA with the cute letters. :) I'm outta luck! I'm getting super pumped for MY Cali trip in Feb though! :)

  9. makes me want to go back to cali :) awww sweet cali!

  10. Looks like SO MUCH FUN!! :) Totally makes me wanna go to Disney again!! :)