Jan 15, 2010

Engaged: Melinda + Eddie {Fullerton, CA}

I love sweet emails. And I really love sweet people. And I love stories of high school sweethearts falling in love and making it last. Put that all together and you get Melinda and Eddie.

A couple months ago I got this amazingly kind, and encouraging email from a Melinda, the first Melinda I think I've come across since middle school. Though she was a perfect stranger, the more I read the more I felt like I knew her. She was sweet, bubbly and did I mention kind?

She told me that the man she's been in love with for 8 years just asked her to be his wife. And that from all the amazing photographers she'd been looking at, it was little me she wanted to work with for their wedding day.

Really me? I get to work with this? Heheh. You guys spoil me!

We emailed back and forth talking about being Filipino {in her and Eddie's case, being half Filipino}, we talked about blogs adore, and we also talked about how we live on opposites sides of the country ... and how that plays a huge roll in working together. Lucky for the both of us I already had a flight booked for sunny California in a few weeks, because both my sister and I were going to be bridesmaids in a wedding and if she wanted to, we could meet. Well that quickly turned into a meeting plus an engagement shoot ... and my oh my was it wonderful.

Melinda, thank you soooo much for finding me. I don't know how you did or even how things worked out so perfectly, but I'm sure glad they did. It was a dream working with you and Eddie, and you were even more wonderful in person.

The ring was the very first thing I asked to see when we finally meet. {What girl doesn't go searching for the ring when they know a friend is engaged? Yup that's how it felt ... we'd just met, but instantly I knew we'd all be friend} It was gorgeous!! You army boys know how to pick your rings let me just say!

These last few months of emailing were strictly between Melinda and myself, I was soooo glad to finally meet the man she was always talking about, Eddie.

He was probably just as funny and bubbly as Melinda herself, though in the most manly way possible .. and I loved it!

They are soo cute together!

They're like Peanut butter and Jelly. Perfect.

Melinda you're ammmmmazing. Beautiful, full of laughs and sweet as gum drops, and I can't wait till your wedding day! You're going to be stunnnnnnnnnnning!


Also, Melinda is a Tahitian belly dancer, go figure.

Though Eddie isn't a dancer himself, his laugh is pretty awesome. Hahaha.

As I close up this post. I can't forget to send a MILLION thank yous out to my friend Christian Cruz!!! The moment I booked this shoot and wedding, he was my go to for help. He helped me find this wonderful little field tucked away in Fullerton since I'm not to familiar with CA. And we're making history this summer and doing our first Ica Images + Christian Cruz Photography wedding with Melinda and Eddie. WORD! I can not wait!

This is one of his insane shots from our shoot.

CHRISTIANNNN!!!! You'z amazing friend! I miss you and Reinna like crazy and can't wait to see you guys again! Thank you for your continuous support, encouragement and for all those good times! DISNEYLAND WHEN I COME BACK!!! Hahaha. I'm so glad you have the pass now!

Sigh ... Melinda, Eddie, {and your friends who came along for the shoot} and Christian ... thanks for making that shoot sooo much fun and so wonderful. I can't wait to see you all again this summer!

Last thing, To Eddie and Melinda, you two make love look like a fairytale. Thanks for sharing that with the rest of us. Because sometimes we forget that they still do come true.


  1. wow i love that last shot ica.... well done my love

  2. favorite session you've EVER done my dear. so proud of you.

  3. Oh wow, that field is AMAZING, and I'm in love with the light!! :D:D:D

  4. love the 1st one! the light is breathtaking!

  5. Love these! You seriously did awesome!

  6. Beautiful! Loving that last photo.. its magical!