Feb 6, 2010

Personal: Blissful Blizzard

Me and my family missed the last big snow storm because we were in sunny California. But much to our delight ... winter's fury came once more ... all 30 inches of her fury!
I just took these today, sorry if they are a bit raw ... but I'm just too excited to keep them to myself .... and I gotta make this quick because my boyfriend got snowed in with us and I must go keep him company. Yup ... he's stuck with me till we dig ourselves out of this place, but it's been soo much fun, can't complain!
More pictures later folks. My Mr. Mac's screen is done for {so sad} and needs to be brought into be fixed and this here Mr. PC that I'm using is too slow in uploading for me ... soo I'll meet you back here and exchange more wonderful winter wonderland stories laters!!! Till then. Keep warm and stay safe out there!!
And if I'm not back here by tomorrow:

{Here's more for you}
Dearest snow, I heart you.

This was Friday night 10 mins after my boyfriend and mom had just shoveled the driveway.
The snow fell so fast ... it was insane.
Also after shoveling the drive way, my boyfriend made me this. <3 He's awesome.
The snow bunny was out.
I love a winter wonderland.
And a cup of hot coco in my favorite mug {from one of my favorite girls} to warm me back up.
We all had such a good time making igloos, and building forts. Jumping off swingsets, and doing back flips off of a trampoline into the snow .... and though I would have loved to have had my camera out there with me ... I left it inside with Lucy in the nice and toasty living room.


Now the storm has passed and as I look out the window on this beautiful {superbowl} Sunday morning, it's sunny once again, and even more beautiful than yesterday. The sky is blue but everything else in the world is covered in white. This has been one of the most fun snowy weekend I've had in forever, I hope the rest of you have enjoyed your weekend too.

Happy Superbowl to you!!!!


  1. :) I heard about the massive snowstorm on the east coast! :) Lots of cuddley family time!

  2. I am so jealous! I kept seeing everyone's Facebook updates and pictures about the snow and wishing I was back home in MD! I moved down to NC with my husband almost a year ago, all that we got was rain! Thx for posting these, they are beautiful, love the heart shaped snow:)

  3. i, too, sorely miss the snow. how fun. :( haha

    and the cutie in your previous entry is a doll!