Feb 2, 2010

California Trip #2, Part 2

{Hello world. Before I start, let me just say sorry in advance if I don't man up to being better at blogging in the days {or weeks} to come. To be frank, the last few days have felt like someone just threw my life into a blender and mixed everything around till I got dizzy. I'm getting use to a new type of normal in my life ... and that might take some time. I guess February is my new January. Hehe.}

Ok back to my trip. Though it literally takes me no time to edit and prep pictures for my blog, I'm usually pretty slow on blogging my vacation adventures {I'm sure you've noticed that by now} ... and there's one reason for that {besides getting lazy}. I love letting a little time pass after taking a trip then coming back to the pictures to relive the memories when they begin to fade in my memory. Like waiting to develop regular film pictures. I think we take instant gratification to a whole nother level now-a-days. Anyways, while we were there in sunny California, it was my friend Ryan's birthday!
His ever sooo sweet and lovely girlfriend threw him a surprise birthday picnic. It was amazing.
Sister and I,
and mother were ready to have our first west coast picnic.
{The boyfriend and I love, love, love picnics}
This park was so perfect, this tree soo beautiful, and the light .. oh the midday light {that I generally can't stand} has never been more kind and more glorious!
As we had our little picnic, and Faye's yummy food filled our tummies ...
... there were a few hungry tummies walking around and Christian, oh-so-brilliant Christian decided to feed these fellas. 5 seconds later it was like an army of 500 birds were on their way to attack us and our picnic lunch. I was seriously scared for a moment.
But Rj and Christian decided to attack back, TAKE THAT BIRDIES! Christian had a little to much fun with that. LOL. And don't worry, no one and no birds were hurt, scouts honor!
Reinna, Reinna, Reinna ... your boyfriend is insanely hilarious, and you my dear are forever insanely gorgeous! I miss this girl a ton!!!
And here goes Christian again, sorry Christian I like picking on you, you're Waldo hat and your modeling skills as seen here. LOL! Haha I just miss me some Creinna!
Ryan boy ... or "Tito Boy" has a grand 'ole time, can't you tell! Bwahaha.
And mi madre almost brought this other sister of mine home with us. We all love us some Rj!
And I love me my big sister!
And my long lost friend, aka old pen pal, aka Chinese pimp!!! Lol. I haven't seen this guys in years, plus he was still in China when I last visited.
And I love me some more Faye.
And some more Ryan boy!
I just really love my friends, alot.

Oh ... the day's adventures did not end there. Papa Alex brought us over to visit 4 of his other favorite girls ... the Bratchers!!! While we all missed Ben {Mr. Ben we love you!} We did get to spend time with Ruby and her sweet sweet daugthers.
And we all got to meet baby Soul!!!!!! Last time I was in CA Mama Cakies was pregos it was sweet getting to meet her newest baby cakes!
The Bratcher girls are just the lovelies!
We love these girls ohhhh sooooooo much!
I miss them terribly! Oh sweet Brave!!
I miss me some True too. She was a bit shy on our last visit, but she definitely remembered me

True story {no pun intended}: When Ruby told the girls I was coming over with 'Grumpy' {grandpa}, Auntie Rj and the rest of my fam ... True said "But I thought we just dropped her off at the airport!?!?" {They dropped me off two month ago} .. haha but Truezy remembers.

I love them all so much.
Dearest Ruby, thank you for having us over that day. We wish we got to spend more time with you and the girls and Ben. We miss you a TON! And we love you 5 so mucho!

Now for the main reason me and my famila headed off to California in December.
Our dear dear friend Janjan was getting married. This picture above is of him and my big sister back in the Philiippines {probably before I was born}.
And we couldn't miss it for anything. We were actually bridesmaids.That makes it # 293,849,528 for my sister. Haha.
In a few more months it'll finally be her turn to be the bride!
It was a large wedding party ... plus the Marines, but it was fun. Without the men in uniform sister's wedding party is going to be just as big.
Janjan and 'Nette we love you both so much! And we were so happy to be there for you both and be part of your wedding.

The Diongzons love you guys!
As for this man, this is THE man right here. This is Jan's dad, Pastor Ed. The man who married my parents, the man I hope is there to marry my sister and Terrence, and when the day comes, the man who marries me and my husband one day.
The Ormeos. I love them. {*And this picture was sent to us from them in a little thank you card}

Their wedding was a blast.
But then again, I just really love weddings.
And I love goofing off.

Oh let me also say .. I LOVE TITA LOLIT! She's like my other mom when I'm in town and she's just the sweetest and cutest! I think when our families are together we are CRAZY!

Another reason why I love Tita Lolit, and Tito Alex and the rest of the ammmazing Navales family is ... they feed us soooo well when we're there.

Korean BBQ anyone? Ohhh my mouth waters just thinking about that ammazing place!
As we ate our lovely and so-very-yummy dinner .. we watched the news telling us about the HUGE SNOW STORM back home, that we missed. All 24 inches of it! Made me miss home alot! But good times were still to be had in California.
Like chowing down with Creinna! RAWR!!!!
This had to be the most perfect way to end a wonderful day. And possibly the LOUDEST/YUMMIEST dinner known to man!

All you heard from our table that night was "COO-DO-COO!! and RAWRRRRRRRRs of all kinds!!!!!!!!" We are the most obnoxious group of fine folks ever! Hahah. MAN I LOVE THESE GUYS WITH MY WHOLE HEART!

And miss them terribly. And can't wait till their east coast adventures this September for sister's wedding. CAN NOT WAIT!

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  1. :) Looks fun!!! :D:D:D:D AHH. I'm getting so amped up for my California trip in less than two weeks! :)