Jan 30, 2010

Portraits: Just for fun

Sometimes it only takes me about 30 seconds to get inspired, then it takes me about another 30 seconds to get out the door and shoot. This is what happens after 15 minutes, literally.
Inspiration: My uncle's Minolta Autocord {Twin lense reflex}.

Back in the day my uncle was once a wedding photographer, and used this baby to shoot with. My dearest cousin Gina {his daughter} called me the second her dad showed it to her, and asked me to come over so we could play. Of course, I could not resist such a thing.

And because the more the merrier, we called up her dearest boyfriend to play with us also and bring his vintage beauty ... his amazing thrifted camera.
Oh, this is love.
Nine times out of ten these two kiddos are dressed in vintage. Mitch {rock star in the making} always looks like an Urban Outfitters model, though he hardly shops there because he prefers the thrift store. Gina , on the other hand always mixes the new with the old in the best ways possible.
Green mascara + 80's bow = Gina.

Yes. Love it.
Of course I got thrown into the mix as well ... and though I didn't have a single piece of vintage on me, I took my turn playing with zee vintage cameras as well.
Ok, I know what you're thinking ... yes I like bright colors, can you blame me?
It looks like we're having fun right? Yes, but you're only semi right, because sometimes I get these silly inspirations on the coldest days of the year ... we could literally only stand being outside for so long.
It seriously hurt being out there for those 15 minutes, but it was well worth it, don't you think?
Poor Mitch had no gloves with him, and was a tad bit sick already ... he was a warrior for putting up with me I tell ya.
Same with my dearest Gina.
You guys rock!
Thanks for the best frozen 15 minutes ever guys!!!
Guess that's the end of our film.

{More post are coming ... promise!}
Happy weekend!


  1. great pictures! those cameras are awesome! :D

  2. Sweeet. Which lens did you use to shoot the close up of the cameras?? (Like the first photo?) Love the light in these too! Can't believe this was all shot in 15 min! :)

  3. Gosh what a good lookin' couple!! :) And you are just as gorgeous as ever!

  4. i think the last one is my face.

  5. Thanks guys. And Sherry all of this was done with my 50,1.8.

  6. i saw a pic just like the one where you're looking through the enormous viewfinder of the minolta. it was a rollei though and still worked!