Mar 16, 2010

Portraits: Larra

Someone's turning 18.
And since I won't be able to shoot her BIG 18th birthday party, we did a shoot for her big party.
This is Larra.
Our parents have been great friends since I was a little girl and now both Larra and I have grown up. Scary how fast time flys.
Anyways, Larra is currently an awesome student at my own highschool, Annandale High School.

She sings, plays the guitar,

And just like her dad, she has a wonderful sense of humor.
Larra is super sweet and I know the Lord's plans for her are great.

Meet her {just as funny and talented little brother} "Vin" as they call him in school.

I love these guys to pieces, and they definitely made me feel old, knowning how much they've grown up.

To Larra, You're beautiful, sweet, funny and keep making us all proud.

May God bless you to the fullest I love you so much and you better dance the night away at your party and save some cake for me!! hehe. I love you girl, Ate Ica.